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We bring you a very entertaining and different post in which you can discover what style of interior fits your personality according to your personality, tastes, and preferences. Do you dare to read it?

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You are a person of balanced character, you give the right importance to things that happen to you. You like your external and internal parts to be in line with each other, in other words, see on the outside how you are on the inside.

You love strong colours, lighting and natural materials such as wood.
If you have to choose a background, you usually choose a plain one. But you like to give it a personal touch by integrating a geometric pattern whenever you can.

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Appliquer la tendance bold | Momocca

You tend to be friendly to others and very communicative. You like the feeling of protection and security, so you convey warmth to the people around you and like to give and receive hugs.

You are inclined to live well-selected experiences, with attention to detail, because you are one of those people who also take care of details. You like the natural rather than the technological and that is why soft, curved and rounded shapes are your favourite. Natural fibres and textures are your forte.

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Interior minimalista | Estilo según personalidad

The phrase “less is more” accompanies you in your daily life. You are a simple person, who seeks practicality in things, who is attracted by the feeling of lightness and freedom. You speak without beating about the bush and get straight to what is essential and important.

Outdoor plans are always well received by you. Natural elements, clear and pure colours, avoidance of clutter… all this defines you perfectly. Design sensibility runs through your veins, perfect lines go with you.


Everything you pursue has that touch of exclusivity. You have a very marked taste for everything that is not easily found, in addtion you are elegant and you take care of your image and your presence in any space.

Culture, art, cinema, reading, you love to be aware of everything and to select what you consider to have that special something that you like so much. Shiny things, metals, ornamental details are your downfall. Geometric shapes are an emblem of your style.

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proyecto reforma y amueblamiento Deleite Design Momocca

You are a person who acts with subtlety, a sign of your sharpness and wit. You permeate any space with your essence, you don’t go unnoticed. You can fit into any situation because you have the right qualities to be able to do so.

You are passionate about history, and you are curious about evolution and how to keep track of it. That doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to current affairs, you move in perfect balance.
Clean lines, simple beauty and large, open spaces are your preference.

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We are sure that your interior design fits perfectly with your personality. Maybe they are in the list above, maybe they are others or even a mix!

Tell us what object you have in your home that reflects your personality, we read you!

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