Attention, curves!

The bold trend

Lovers of curved design are delighted with this interior design trend: Bold, the style that fits into any space .

A style that is inspired by the natural, by everything that surrounds us, by what we perceive as pleasant to our senses. The bold style is composed of curved, more natural and organic shapes and compensates for the more rigid elements of straight lines.

Tendencia bold. Inspiración en Casa Decor

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The bold trend is based on the use of curved furniture to create flowing spaces.


The aim is that the space shows us fluidity of passage and balance between its components to create oases of tranquillity, this applies to both homes and offices. Both spaces need a large dose of calm to be at ease for those who inhabit them.

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How to adapt the space?

You need:

  • A good dose of curved furniture.

Opt for round shapes for seating elements: poufs, armchairs, benches or sofas… use cushions to find elements without corners.

But the main protagonists will be heavy furniture in the interior: bookshelves, sideboards, coffee tables and especially side tables.

It is in this field that Momocca can help you, as none of our designs have corners or peaks.

Appliquer la tendance bold | Momocca
  • A pinch of curved decoration

The simplest option will undoubtedly be vases. It is very easy to surround yourself with this type of objects with a curved design. They will be your greatest allies. You can also dress up your walls with mirrors or decoration with oval and circular frames.

Finally, another option that adds warmth to the space is the use of rugs, look for them with curved patterns or prints. All unified allows you to create an interesting mix of textures.

In all cases, as always, the most important thing is balance. Remember that the aim is to create a calm atmosphere and for this in decoration, less is more.

Adara Modern sideboard tv furniture Momocca
  • Optional: Lighting

Here there is no doubt, for some time now we have been seeing designs where the protagonists are spheres. If you are looking for table or floor lamps, choose one with a curved or cylindrical shade.

For the ceiling, go for a subtle design where the bulbs take centre stage. Accompany this with soft lighting to create a cosier atmosphere.

Decoración tendencia bold | Post Momocca

What does the bold trend bring to the space?

In previous posts we have mentioned it, people are prepared to feel the curve as welcoming, while corners and peaks are seen as something threatening.

So whether it is our home, our office or even our hotel, if we want to generate and transmit an experience of calm, cosiness and wellbeing, we should go for a style like bold where the curve will be in charge of softening the atmosphere and create more personal spaces.

At Momocca we put design at the service of people, count on us to create your bold trend space, we will help you to humanise your interiors.

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