About Momocca

What is Momocca?

Momocca is a high-quality modular design furniture company. Since 2017, designs, edits and markets its products to interior design and architecture professionals.

A contribution of solutions that stand out for the elegance of the curve and that respond to the challenges of interior design with a high modular response in dimensions, configurations, and finishes.

Why should you choose Momocca?


Since 2017, we have been demonstrating that a job well done is part of our lifestyle.

Momocca furniture has 3 qualities that make it excellent: high quality, unique design, and triple modularity in dimensions, finishes and configurations.

This means that the best professionals in the sector trust us, satisfaction reaches 25 countries and more than 500 international projects, the best endorsement for Momocca.


In addition to these achievements, we have a team of people where motivation and commitment are never lacking. Design is essential and acts as a driving force in our day-to-day work.

Finally, our Global GCS System (Guarantee, Quality and Sustainability) and the 100% Customer Satisfaction programme allow us to measure ourselves to give you the best of ourselves.


Close and direct treatment is very important to us, that’s why we are close to you, without intermediaries. This helps us to be able to offer solutions that are 100% adapted to each client.

We provide you with equipment and resources to save you time and make your work as easy as possible.

How does Momocca help me?

  1. We give you a customised solution for your case, we accompany you throughout the configuration process to give you the best result.
  2. This is achieved thanks to two factors: on the one hand, our team, which is 100% committed to you; on the other hand, the triple modularity that offers you freedom of finishes, dimensions, and configurations.
  3. Finally, we provide you with all the resources you need on our website to save you time and make your work easier.

What kind of products do you work with?

We offer a wide range of fully adaptable solutions in terms of measurements, finishes and dimensions. Our product typologies are as follows:

  • Sideboard, console, TV cabinet.
  • Shelving / shelves.
  • Table.
  • Side table.
  • Seat, chair, armchair, bench, pouf.
  • Desk.
  • Dressing room.
  • Beds and headboard.

Guarantee & Quality

What is Momocca’s guarantee?


We defend quality, we claim originality and we highlight the value of each of our designs: Momocca Design S.L. Our final results are usually unique because they are created to meet the specific needs of each person/project.

We do not believe in the trend of constant renovation, as we defend a timeless style which, together with the excellent quality we offer, helps us to ensure that our furniture lasts over time.


Our products are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of issue of the invoice, we comply with the necessary regulations and certifications to be able to offer this term.

We are responsible for any damage or defect of the product that is not attributable to misuse, and we repair the defects free of charge or in any case, we make an appropriate price reduction in the case of being impossible previous options. We cannot assume any liability for accidental damage to persons or things because of improper use of the product (misuse, modifications, or repairs by third parties lead to loss of warranty).

What is the quality of Momocca?

We offer and our commitment to creating timeless designs with qualities that allow for high durability. We rely on the combination of the expertise of our craftsmen and the latest technology in machinery.

We carefully select our suppliers to add even more value to the result. Of course, all of them comply with the main quality, environmental and CSR standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC… (Cosentino, Kvadrat, Finsa, Camira, Crevin…).

I am not familiar with Momocca’s global CGS System, what is it?

It is the rigorous system by which Momocca is governed in the creation of each of its pieces of furniture. We submit our products to an exhaustive Quality, Guarantee and Sustainability control.

Quality: the materials we use and the suppliers we work with meet the highest standards.

Guarantee: both originality and timelessness, as well as a 5-year guarantee.

Sustainability: our manufacturing process is local because we are committed to responsibility. We stock a small number of products, as 92% of our production is made on demand. Finally, our designs are timeless, so our products are durable over time, we do not respond to trends of constant renewal.

In short, we pay special attention to the manufacturing process. From the search for excellence in raw materials to the subsequent development and creation of the final product. This product meets the demands of the market and offers a long service life, thus responding to our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Configuration & Purchase

Where can I buy Momocca furniture?

We have official distributors in most cities. Write us an email to info@momocca.com or call/text us on +34 627 889 567 and we will redirect you to the nearest point of sale.

I am sure about my product, but I need help configuring it, how do I do it?

We bet for the Customer Care Service.  That’s why we believe in direct contact so that you can successfully configure your product. You can contact our team in different ways:

  • Whatsapp available on our web.
  • Email to info@momocca.com
  • Calls on +34 962 752 400 // +34 627 889 567

How can I find out the price of a configuration?

Contact us if you wish to receive this information, we have several ways of contacting you:

  • Whatsapp available on our web.
  • Email to info@momocca.com
  • Calls on +34 962 752 400 // +34 627 889 567

You also have a free advice service in which we adapt the product to your needs.

Order, Delivery & Assembly

What is the shipping policy?

Peninsula and Balearic Islands

Delivery is included from door to door, at street level. This means that if you must load/carry the furniture because the delivery point is not at street level, you must notify us in advance and calculate the cost of this service (separate fee).

Rest of the world (including the Canary Islands)

We work in Ex Works mode, i.e., we deliver the furniture in approved facilities, while the buyer assumes the costs of loading, transport or dispatch.

It is also possible for the customer to contract the delivery service through Momocca. We quote for this service on request.

Another option is to ask us for shipping methods so that we can make a recommendation.

My order has already been confirmed, what is the production time?

In a normal situation, the order will be ready in 6-8 weeks, during which time we will keep you informed of the progress of production.

In the case of an order with special specifications, the production period may increase by 1-2 weeks. You will be informed in advance if this is the case.

*Momocca reserves the right to alter these periods in the case of exceptional situations such as the one experienced during Covid19.

Does it include assembly?

We try to ensure that our furniture is assembled as much as possible, but if this is not possible, we provide complete assembly instructions. However, if you request it, our technicians will assemble the furniture and place it in the desired space (this service has a separate cost).

I have already placed my order, but I have changed my mind about the finishes, can I change it?

It is only possible to cancel or modify an order before it is sent to production, so we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to see if there is time to rectify it.

Can I cancel or return an order?

Once the order has been sent to production, it will not be possible to cancel its manufacture or return it. We manufacture at the customer’s request, so each piece of Momocca furniture is special and unique, for this reason returns and exchanges are not possible.

How should I assemble the furniture?

All our furniture has specific instructions, it is very important to follow them step by step for the correct assembly and stability.

Please check with our team (info@momocca.com) to find out if you can hire a separate assembly service.

* If the technicians-assemblers are external to Momocca, we are not responsible for any breakage or damage they may cause.


In case of an incident, who do I contact?

You can contact our customer service team. Send us a photo with the problem to be solved and tell us about your problem. We will contact you to evaluate the incident and help you as soon as possible.

· Incidents in the Spanish market: sales@momocca.com
· Incidents international market: export@momocca.com

I have my furniture, but the photo of the material does not match exactly with the furniture received, is it a mistake?

As they are natural materials, the finishes may vary slightly from those of the samples sent. Each stone or wood selected is totally unique. It should also be considered that this natural quality means that it can change colour with exposure to sunlight.

My furniture has a small defect, what can I do?

If due to transport conditions or assembly by Momocca’s technical team, the furniture suffers a small defect, the process to follow is as follows:

  1. Check the condition of the packaging and do not let the carrier leave without notifying the damage.
  2. Take a photograph of the damage and send it to:

· Incidents in the Spanish market: sales@momocca.com
· Incidents international market: export@momocca.com

*Momocca cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during assembly if it has not been carried out and supervised by our team.


Does Momocca have an area for professionals?

Yes, the Downloads page shows you all the services we currently offer so that you do your work with total efficiency. There is no need to register so you will automatically have access to all the material available (real images, 2D and 3D library, catalogues, etc).

Whenever you request it, a member of the Momocca team will contact you to advise you or provide you with additional information, guidance, or personalised proposals.

Can I get samples?

Samples are available upon request. We ask you to detail your project or idea so that we can send you the samples that best suit your case.

Didn’t find what you are looking for?

Contact us by any of our available means:

  • Whatsapp or chat, availabe on our web
  • Email to info@momocca.com
  • Call to +34 962 752 400 // +34 627 889 567
  • Filling this form.

We will be happy to help you.