A trend that persists

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Art Déco was born at the beginning of the 20th century, but is still very present today. We are not only talking about the magnificent buildings that extend throughout Europe and the United States, but also about the presence of movement as a decorative trend.

Bold, yet elegant and avant-garde designs; curved lines in classic furniture; circular designs as decoration; upholstered elements and lamps in geometric styles…

Art Déco imposes itself again with force in the interiorism and we assure you that it has no intention of leaving us.

Philippe García
Art Déco, movement of movements

But how is a movement at the beginning of the last century still a current trend?

To understand the importance of Art Déco today it is necessary to know the context of the birth of this movement.

Art Déco brought together the modern decorative and industrial arts of the time, it was a movement that looked to the future by incorporating the most innovative decorative and artistic techniques of the time. Purely aesthetic and overflowing with optimism coinciding with Happy Twenties, Art Déco reflected the progress of the period and evoked luxury and splendour.

This purely aesthetic component is what has caused Art Déco to live a second “golden age”, integrating itself into interior design projects in cities all over the world.

Art Déco interior design

The application of Art Deco interior design is based, as mentioned above, on the geometry and confluence of materials. Decoration is creating using striking shapes, patterns and colours. This is easily observable on floors, walls and even mirrors, a common detail in this type of interior design.

Lighting is very important when it comes to achieve the desired effect. Remember that Art Déco evoked luxury and there is nothing more opulent than an imposing ceiling lamp. The ideal Art Déco lamp has a simple shape but always respecting the already known geometric line. They are also made of shiny materials (silver and gold) and are based on a totally unique design.

You can complete the room with small table lamps with sculptural lines that have a double function. On the one hand, to illuminate corners to highlight details of the decoration and on the other to contribute to the aesthetics of the room.

Finally, the furniture follows the same line: a mixture of materiality. A perfectly studied union between wooden elements and upholstery. Modular furniture with a timeless character perfectly capable of adapting to these classic lines, as we do in Momocca, and always respecting this innovative component of Art Déco.

As you can see, Art Déco interior design can be achieved today with small details that we can adapt to our tastes. Perhaps we should stop saying that Art Déco is back. Art Déco never left, do not you think?

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