Welcome to the great Gatsby's mansion!

If there is something that makes Casa Decor special, it is the diversity of styles and interior design that we can find. One of those spaces that stands out for being unique and different is the foyer “Long Island: Summer of 1922”. A space that recreates the Great Gatsby mansion.

We spoke to Elena Jori, CEO of Singular Living, who has chosen for her space two Adara sideboards that look spectacular.

Momocca Singular Living Casa Decor 2021

Momocca: Why did you choose to create an space inspired by 1920’s? How did the idea come about?

Elena Jori: Because of the house. The Tomás Allende House is set in that historical moment and inspires this aesthetic.

1920s represent glamour, luxury, and debauchery; the joy of living after IWW. We wanted to recreate that climate of joy after the difficult months we are living through with the pandemic. A need to enjoy life.

M: How did you manage to transport us to the Long Island mansion based on the novel The Great Gatsby?

EJ: First, what I tried to do was to make the most of the elements of the building, which are from that period and historical moment. To take advantage of the height of the ceilings, mouldings, the melis pine floor which is original and typical of the beginning of the century in Madrid…

Secondly, I used materials with that touch of luxury such as marble, polished brass, textures such as velvet, all of them materials with a lot of character and personality.

In terms of furniture, they are all recognisable and unique pieces: the Chippendale chairs, the powerful lamp with large globes and of course your sideboards, which are capable of adapting to a classic environment or in a  modern one.

I have chosen that marble top and a darker wood, so, it fits perfectly with the historical context of the space.

M: How do you balance wallpaper and furniture so that everything stands out without stealing the limelight?

EJ: I chose a wallpaper with floral plant motifs and another with diamonds imitating the moulding of a building, both in grey tones that do not detract from the presence of the furniture. At the same time, it combines perfectly with the colourful carpet, the green curtains, and the bright upholstery of the chairs.

As there was a lot of colour, I chose a special Cole & Son wallpaper, in shades of grey, which transports you back to that period but does not detract from the furniture.

M: Lighting also plays an important role in the space, doesn’t it?

EJ: First we were trying to solve the problem we had in the space with the fan-coils that had to be hidden by means of a wall cladding. To make use of this in some way, we put in an LED strip that also creates a theatrical ambience.

The rest are indirect lights with little power in a warm lighting, avoiding cold lights and many lumens to achieve that feeling of glamour and luxury.

To add to this theatrical atmosphere, we have placed a large central chandelier with 8 large globes.

M: How does Momocca fit into this ambience?

EJ: Well, having the Adara sideboards by Momocca in this Singular Living space for Casa Decor is a real luxury and I am grateful. They are two incredibly unique pieces that fit together perfectly and make it possible to create a kind of symmetrical entrance hall with two atmospheres.

In addition, they fill the space, they are large pieces of 1.70m but with little depth so that they fit very well in what is the hall.

Adara is very versatile. I chose a configuration with a marble top and a darker wood that fits very well with the 1920s and with the historical moment that I am trying to transmit. I can’t think of a better partner for the project and for the inspiration that I try to transmit.

M: What can we see of the essence of Singular Living in this project?

EJ: The essence of Singular Living is to try to recover historic buildings and enhance their value. We like to work in buildings with high ceilings, use skirting boards, mouldings, use original flooring, recover the melis pine floor.

In general, we work with singular spaces where we try to highlight all the uniqueness of the building and the historical moment they represent. We are not minimalists at all, we believe in spaces that transmit warmth, comfort and that feeling of a home where you feel like being. We are “Maximalist”.

We thank Elena for the opportunity to let us participate in the Singular Living space at Casa Decor 2021 and for her time for this interview.  Photography: Germán Cabo.

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