How we live Casa Decor 2022 experience

30 years of Casa Decor, 57 Editions.

Fachada edificio Casa Decor 2022

A few weeks ago, Casa Decor 2022. The edition celebrating the 30th anniversary of this great interior design exhibition, came to an end.

It is very difficult to overcome year after year, thanks to the tenacity of interior designers, companies and the organization itself Casa Decor does it. Year after year, the figures do not stop growing.

The only thing that remains constant is the 47 days of exhibition and we know that many people had to stay without a ticket many days due to the already known “sold out”.

Year 2021:

Fachada edificio Casa Decor 2022

Year 2022


For our part, we were proud to see that the role of  Valencia in Casa Decor has also grown. It represented 37% of the participating Spanish companies.

In addition, the Casa Decor experience is consolidating its position as an international event. 49% of the participating companies are international. They come from Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, India, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Norway.

LZF Lamps Space

Puricelli Space designed by Estudi{H}ac

Sinmas Estudio Space

What has this meant for us? As you know, we officially participated in two spaces: Espacio ABB Niessen decorated by Tristán Domecq and the Nometri Space.

Two totally different spaces that evoked different sensations. On the one hand, we had the Niessen home automation museum. A representation of the passage of time and an immersive experience in which the visitor felt the evolution of interior design and home automation through a careful lighting and furniture selection.

Mesa y Silla Dania Momocca, interiorismo Tristán Domecq

On the other, the Nometri Sapce, represented the colorful studio of a bohemian artist who seeks to gather his friends to discuss interesting topics.

A tribute to the color of a great country; Mexico. We felt its energy and light, along with numerous works of art with a great story behind.

Another occasion to show how Momocca furniture can adapt to any spatial need.

Agenda Momocca Casa Decor Nometri

When we made the call to visit the Casa Decor 2022 experience we did not expect such an overwhelming response. We accompany great professionals with whom we will generate very positive synergies.

In the end, we faithfully attended Madrid every week during the 2 months of exhibition. Tired? Yes, but very happy to do it for such a good reason.

Both professionals and friends were eager to learn about the latest novelties launched. For example, the Dania collection of chairs and tables, which was also nominated for best product design. The reception of our latest collection exceed our expectations.

But the best is yet to come, we are in a year full of novelties!

Images Credits:

  • Espacios Nissen, Nometri y Sinmas Estudio: Lupe Clemente.
  • Espacio LZF Lamps: Nacho Uribe Salazar · Casa Decor.
  • Espacio Puricelli: Luis Hevia · Casa Decor.
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