Nometri Space: “Rosa Mexicano”.

A tribute to Luis Barragán

Ana M. Fernández, interior designer at Nometri Interior Design, takes us to Mexico through her space “Rosa Mexicano”.

A tribute to the well-known architect Luis Barragán and a declaration of love for Mexico that immerses the visitor in a world of bright colours and art. In this space we find a dining table and chairs from the Dania Collection together with a tall-legged sideboard from the Adara Collection.

Espacio Nometri Casa Decor 2022  · Momocca

Momocca: What is the inspiration for this interior design?

Ana Fernández: This space is inspired by the Mexican architect Barragán, his straight lines and the colourfulness of his work.

When looking for this reference, the space was conceived as an area in the house of a bohemian character. Someone who always gathers his friends around the table for get-togethers or working days.

A great host and art collector, as well as an artist. His work area is in the attic on the upper floor of this dining room.

Nometri Lladró
Sillón tapizado Dania en Casa Decor 2022

M: How do you achieve that Mexican essence?

AF: With a tribute to the colour of a great country, in which you feel its energy and its presence, in which there is balance and modernity, in which there is art and light, all in harmony.

M: Colour and art are closely linked in the importance of the space, what do the works represent in this space?

AF: The works of art were preconceived with each artist according to the wall they were going on, and precisely each artist created the piece with a story around Mexico, based above all on the pre-Hispanic moment where everything revolves around ancestral cultures with symbolism of gods and beliefs.

Espacio Nometri Casa Decor 2022 Rosa Mexicano

M: The part of the staircase is one of those that most faithfully reflects the Casa de Barragán, what is the story that surrounds it?

AF: In the Barragán house, there is a mythical staircase that we wanted to recreate. We achieved this with the help of a sculptor who, as well as making it out of bent iron, carved it in the central part, creating the effect of the staircase of the pyramid of Chichen Itzá. This is the effect of light and shadow during the equinoctial day of March and September.

On this staircase we have the Lladró guests visiting the artist’s studio.

Espacio Nometri Casa Decor 2022 Rosa Mexicano
Mesa Dania Casa Decor 2022
Consola Adara Casa Decor 2022

M: Why was Momocca chosen for this space?

AF: The proposal of the new Dania Collection fits perfectly with the concept of the space. It helps us to give rhythm to a very linear room, through its curved design, the curves of the top, the legs of the table, and the shape of the chairs.

All this combined with the fact that we could have done it with the colours of the space and the textures we were looking for, makes Dania the solution we were looking for.

The Adara sideboard fits perfectly with the sculptural art piece making an exquisite ensemble. The Momocca mix of woods, metals and textiles achieves the warmth that this dining room required.

Rosa Mexicano Casa Decor 2022 · Momocca

M: We were also captivated by the way the space was lit.

AF: Being a space without natural light, and with very bright colours, we wanted to recreate a semi-theatrical and warm light. We gave greater prominence to the walls, as if it were an art gallery, and fundamentally to the table, which is the centre of the space.


We thank Ana Fernández from Nometri Interior Design for her time for this interview and for choosing us for this space of Mexican essence. Photography Lupe Clemente and Luis Hevia (Casa Decor).

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