ABB Niessen Space: “A walk through time”.

by Tristán Domecq Interiorismo

ABB Niessen shows in its space “A walk through time” the evolution of its home automation mechanisms in interior design

For this, it has relied on the interior designer Tristán Domecq who wanted to conceptualize this through 3 different environments that show us, in an immersive way, the passage of time.

Momocca officially participates in this space by incorporating the recent Dania Collection, in the form of an elegant desk and a chair. Along with Dania, Momocca completes the space with a timeless Olga Collection bench.

Mesa y Silla Dania Momocca, interiorismo Tristán Domecq

Niessen pays tribute with this concept the long history of Casa Decor in its 30th anniversary. To do this, through its space makes us aware of the passage of time and shows us the history of all its series of mechanisms.

Visitors can immerse themselves in this immersive experience in which they can feel how time and home automation have evolved through a careful lighting and selection of Momocca furniture.

Domótica Niessen - Mobiliario oficial Momocca
Colección Dania Momocca interiorismo Tristán Domecq
Colección Olga interiorismo Tristán Domecq

Tristán Domecq bets on Momocca furniture for its timeless and versatile quality. The aim was to reflect the passing of the years by choosing furniture characteristic of each period reflected.

Thanks to the wide range of configurations and finishes, Momocca adapts to this idea. The result can be seen in the work area, where chair and desk by Dania Collection shows a more classic aesthetic. On the other hand, the Olga auxiliary bench that reflects a more contemporary design.

The decorative elements such as lamps, curtains and blinds, contribute to this effect of evolution of the passage of time. On the other hand, you can see the showcases with all the Niessen home automation models, as if we were truly in a museum.

Casa Decor 2022 Espacio Niessen Tristán Domecq Banco Olga Momocca

Of course, the space maintains the work philosophy of the Tristán Domecq Interiorismo studio.

The presence of natural materials such as wood, iron and stone are the basis of their work. They also unite elements inspired by nature itself.

A distinctive feature of this interior design studio is the presence of pieces from different periods and trends, seeking balance and harmony, are part of the essence of this study. Something that has fit perfectly with the message to be transmitted by es Espacio de ABB Niessen.

The result is a space that, although didactic, is warm and welcoming.

Casa Decor 2022 Espacio Niessen Tristán Domecq Mesa Dania Momocca

We thank Tristán Domecq and Abb Niessen for choosing us for such a special space. Also to Felipe Scheffel and Casa Decor for their great photographs and especially to Lupe Clemente for such a fantastic job.

Momocca in this project


colecciones momocca dania sillas y mesas configurables