Eclectic style interior

Variety is the spice of life. Tips to get your hands on it.

One day you come home from work, sit on the sofa, and look around you. It seems that this decoration has been around for centuries, maybe you are bored of that interior design that years ago was a boom, but now you just can’t get enough of it.

Or at the other extreme, you have just moved in, and you have before you a blank canvas that you don’t know how to fill.

Why decide on a style if we can integrate several? The key, as always, is balance and keeping in mind one concept: eclectic interior.

Eclecticism is one of those styles that is risky but whose result does not disappoint. The positive part of this style is that you can choose several of the styles you like and apply them.

Of course, there is a less good part and that is that it is essential to keep the balance so that everything is not too saturated.

Let’s go there with some keys to help you have an eclectic style living room.

Upholstery and textures

The eclectic style shows us a great variety of colours, shapes and textures. It is very important to have a rug and if it is with geometric patterns that remind us of art deco or mid-century would be ideal.

Another very simple way to incorporate fabric is through the cushions (and their shapes), if we have a square central table, round cushions will break with the rigidity of the space (and vice versa).

Get inspired: Housing E. Amilibia by Íñigo Iriarte

Interior ecléctico por Iñigo Iriarte Interiorismo
© Germán Saiz

Main elements in neutral tones

Of course colour is super important. But there are certain elements that should have neutral colours so that the weight resides in the decorative elements.

We should not make the mistake of saturating. Look at this image in which yellows, blues and white coexist on the sofa. Despite being traditionally “loud” colours, in this case they are perfectly balanced thanks to the white that surrounds them.

Get inspired: Vivienda Fabían Ñiguez

Decoration with history

We don’t mean antique elements, although if you have any, that would be great!

But they should tell their own story, remember that it is not about “putting for the sake of putting”. Your eclectic interior should show how you are, your passions and concerns.

Lamps, mirrors, vases … thousands of possibilities before you in different colors and shapes can compose your eclectic living room.

Get Inspired: Vivienda Cañizares por VG Living

Real furniture

The eclectic style is of a great sincerity so not everything goes. You should not break the existing balance between the old and the new, so it is best to incorporate classic furniture, but contemporary essence and mainly composed of natural wood.

Have you looked at the Adara sideboards? 😉

Get inspired: Proyecto Josep Bertrand por The Room Studio

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Eclectic yes, but with limitations.

Trust us, you shouldn’t mix more than 2 styles. Up to 3 you have our ok, but no more. Otherwise, it will be a practically inexplicable style that can cause you stress or fatigue.


By following these tips, you will have an eclectic style that can easily change over time just by modifying some of the decorative pieces. If the base is consistent, the future is open in your living room.

Do you dare with eclecticism?

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