Family Home with contemporary eclectic interior design

The distribution of a space full of moments

Eclectic and contemporary interior design, natural elements, lightness and an exclusive decoration go hand in hand in the new project of the interior designer María Conesa. A warm sample of her way of understanding interior architecture and interior design. In addition, we have the furniture distributed by Muebles Lluesma to complete this magnificent equation

Momocca – What kind of project are we facing?

María Conesa: We have a family home in which the owner knew exactly what she wanted: A comfortable and cosy place but adapted to new trends. From then, the house had to be able to meet all the needs of a home: a place in which to develop family life, meals, study hours, etc. But also a place to receive friends and hold big meetings.  The idea was to create an interior design project, to reorganise the space and to take advantage of the south.

M: We’re talking about a person who is very clear about what she’s looking for, aren’t we?

MC: Absolutely yes. From the beginning she knew conceptually what she wanted and I helped her make it happen. On the one hand, she is a fashion and trends lover, on the other she is a person with a very special sensitivity for literature, philosophy…, and above all a doting mother.

The bases were these: a warm, functional, modern and cozy home, with an interior that was not “crammed with things” but “dressed” with details.

M: Indeed, we see that everything is chosen very carefully. What was your inspiration for making all this possible?

MC: The inspiration comes from the apartments of big cities; spacious and diaphanous spaces, high ceilings and good qualities. Wood is of great importance. All this is completed by a careful design of the space.

We were inspired by homes in Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Milan. All very eclectic and contemporary.

M: The presence of natural materials and wood is constant in the project, what were you looking for with this?

MC: The challenge was to try to organize all the concepts without falling into a cold, minimalist apartment, like taken from a lifeless catalogue. We had to look for innovation and provide it with warmth, we have achieved it by mixing and contrasting woods, mouldings and plants with glass and metals. Everything is unified through colour: neutral tones, white, grey, bronzes and shades of gold. The natural elements produce this pleasant sensation almost atavistic, in them there are no stridencies or artifices.

The latter is essential when, in addition to a home, you want to design a home.

M: And now focusing on Momocca, that’s why you chose a bookstore from Julia Collection for the project?

MC: I was looking for a large wall-to-wall bookstore that would give unity to the big room but would not be heavy. I didn’t want to hide the whole wall, Julia is visually light and doesn’t detract from the feeling of spaciousness we already had. It’s also modular and so I had the option to extend it to whatever it needed, as well as having the function of a bookcase and desk. Because Julia is so “customizable,” it fits perfectly.

The wooden panels agree with the idea of the project in general. We are all very happy with how beautiful it is.

M: We loved how you integrated all these concepts so carefully. But if you could choose just one detail from this project, what would you highlight?

MC: This house has a very strong eclectic component. The owner demanded a very personalized interior composed of unique and special pieces. Running away from a house “factory-made”.

She is very sensitive to art, each object has its own history, such as books, which are her greatest treasure. I would highlight that intimate component.

As a result of this, I first focused on creating a unique space, a box. I paid special attention to the architectural details (ceilings, skirting boards, doors and walls); to then introduce pieces of jewellery into that box (the decoration, the sideboard, the Julia…). Each element is preciously selected.

For me, interior design is, in addition to furniture, the distribution of space. A space that I like to fill with life; with experiences and moments.

For me, interior design is, in addition to furniture, the distribution of space. A space that I like to fill with life; with experiences and moments.
María Conesa, Interior designer

From Momocca we would like to thank María Conesa for her readiness towards this interview and Muebles Lluesma for her wonderful management. Photograph made by David Frutos. Furniture from the Julia Collection.

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