Interior design in a house in Eixample (Valencia)

We present a different project in which a good friend opens the doors of his home, a house in the Eixample that maintains its original essence. We talked to TP, who opted for an Adara sideboard by Momocca to complete the decoration of his select living room.

house eixample (valencia) Adara Sideboard
Elementos arquitectónicos vivienda típica Valencia

As we enter the house, we are overcome by a great feeling of warmth and well-being, thanks to the wonderful wooden laminate floor and the impressive natural light. We are immediately struck by the exposed brick wall in which the Adara sideboard with the Miguel Milá lamp is framed. Above us, marvellous mouldings complete the structure of this typical home in the Ensanche area of Valencia.

M: Obligatory question, and what were you looking for with a house with such characteristic architectural elements?

TP: We were looking for a house that was very welcoming, maintaining the essence of the Ensanche housing. The house had the Nolla mosaic, but it couldn’t be preserved due to its poor condition, so we decided to put in the wooden floor. We also decided to leave high ceilings so that there would be lighter and space in the house. Finally, we brought out the exposed brickwork to reinforce the essence of a building that is almost 100 years old.


Of course, we go straight to where TP has placed the Adara sideboard, the tone of the oak wood joins the floor to the wall, but without being monotonous.

vivienda eixample aparador Adara
detail from a modern Adara sideboard in a contemporary house

M: Why did you trust Momocca and what do you like about the Adara sideboard?

TP: I’ve known about the project since its beginnings, I’ve always liked your furniture and I knew that with the versatility of its finishes it could fit perfectly into the environment. It’s a sideboard that stands out for its sturdiness, and the stone on top means it won’t get scratched when you put things on it. The tone of the wood fits in perfectly with the surroundings. 


Right in this very spot we can see the TMM lamp by Miguel Milá and several paintings. The atmosphere is full of art and design.

salón vivienda del eixample con aparador momocca

M: In addition to the Adara, we see very authentic decorative elements, what are the reasons for these choices?

TP: When I read Miguel Milá ‘s book “The essentials: Design and other things in life ” I was struck by the sentence that talks about how a lamp spends most of its time switched off, so as well as fulfilling its function of providing light, what it has to do is not be “annoying”. We decided to buy the TMM lamp and Cestita because as well as being practical, they are aesthetic and versatile.

 As for the art, we have a painting by Yturralde in electric blue, as an anecdote I can tell you that Yturralde himself came to the house to hang it himself because he wanted to make sure that it would look good in the right place. The other two paintings are gifts: Montgó Mountain from Javea by Barberá and another of the Carnival of Venice by Vicente Peris.

Finally, to add even more warmth to the house, we decided to add a fireplace.

vista lateral aparador Adara Momocca

The house creates an enviable sense of calm.

TP: We wanted a home that welcomes us. And we feel that it is a place that relaxes us, where we are at ease and have a lot of comfort, which is a luxury. Trying to keep things small and to keep things in the same place without being intrusive.


We thank TP for his kindness in lending himself to this session and interview. Also, of course, for their trust and friendship throughout all these years. Photography: Momocca Design.

detalle curva Aparador Adara Momocca

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