Interior design in a law firm

Confluence of materiality and select design

Xavier Lledó’s team shows us a well-cared and renovated workspace, which at the same time is capable of maintaining and reflecting the traditional values and essences of the company.

For this, the interior designer has entrusted Momocca, through Atmósfera Benavent shop, incorporating different configurations of the Adara Collection to this interior design in a law firm.

Momocca: What type of project were we dealing with and what needs were we looking to meet? 

Xavier LLedó: We are faced with a project of an exemplary family business with more than 50 years of history, great prestige, recognition and impeccable career in Law and Consultancy.

The needs were two: to organize the space for the growing staff, and of course to improve the image of the office, always in tune with the company philosophy. Regarding this, at the time mention the previous work of D. Alfredo Cot, who made at the time an exceptionally good intervention in the executive area which has been taken advantage of respecting and rehabilitating some of its main elements, which has been an honour.

M: What is the inspiration for this interior design in a law firm?

XL: Perhaps the combination of tradition, location, modernisation of the business, and above all the experience of working for large family businesses.

This is where Momocca crosses our destiny. Antonio Cañizares visited a FIM in Valencia and that same year I did. Paradoxes of life, we coincided in a previous reform and this project came up. Affinity is a value to be considered.

Letting things flow naturally and confidently and this is the best inspiration.

design d'intérieur dans un cabinet d'avocats - Momocca & Xavier Lledo

M: This is a project with many details. If you could choose just one, which one would you highlight?

XL: Materiality predominates. Momocca, complies perfectly with these precepts. Natural and noble materials, exquisiteness in the treatment of them and design. Despite being a recent company, we assumed very quickly that it had to fit in this project with other much more experienced companies in the sector. However it is fully integrated, indeed it is the protagonist of very prominent spaces.

I am referring to established national and international companies such as Andreu World, Bk Contract, Bonaldo, Glamora, Lema, Flos, Occhio, Arkos light, Interface, and so many other.

M: What were you looking for with the contrast between the darker floor and the white walls?

XL: Precisely what I indicated above, to enhance the materiality of the furniture and fittings. The deep, textured black of the Interface carpet contrasts with the soft tones, metallic, marble and wood of the furniture.

 M: Let’s continue with Adara. How did the idea of using Adara by Momocca in the project come about?

XL: I really liked Adara because it fitted in with the idea of the project: Sincerity of the material. The detail of the grooved doors was love at first sight on a visit to Feria Hábitat.

Adara becomes the common thread between the offices and meeting rooms, as other collections revolve around it. The concept of auxiliary furniture as something devalued is a complete mistake, it is these more discreet and less well-placed pieces that enrich a space, make it shine and sparkle with personality.

Acceso despacho Cañizares Valle - interiorismo con momocca

M: In addition to the materiality, the role of lighting is also important, isn’t it?

Lighting in this case is subordinated to the furniture and environment. Light in a space, in addition to its obvious task, serves to give volume and power to the elements.

A good project with bad lighting does not transmit its potential, nor does good lighting without a good product, once again intuition in this section makes everything flow naturally, giving each element its space of light.

Natural materials need a lot of good light, as their material is permeable and mostly non-reflective. What are natural needs adequate light.

M: Finally, let us focus on one of the predominant materials in this project. Why so much prominence to wood?

Wood is the noblest material I know, and I think I will ever know. Wood is like human skin, it is alive, it transmits tactile and visual warmth, as well as security and comfort. In less than ten years, wood will occupy the most absolute protagonist not only in furniture, but also in the walls of our homes, facades, ceilings, roofs, etc… wood is the future of construction and habitat without a doubt.

If I may, I would like to thank all my team, especially Antonio López Sayas, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Momocca would also like to thank Xavier Lledó for his trust and the time he gave us for this interview, as well as the sincerity of his words. Also, to Antonio Cañizares and all his team for giving us all the facilities for the shooting. Photography: Germán Cabo.

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