Brutalist Interior Design in Las Arenas

Complete refurbishment in a house in Getxo

The project we are presenting today is revolutionary. A brutalist interior design that avoids romantic aesthetics. This refurbishment in Las Arenas neighbourhood, Vizcaya, is committed to spaces with personality.

Eduardo Meneses, interior architect at Efecto3, tells us about the experience.

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Momocca: What kind of project do we have here?

Eduardo Meneses: It is the complete renovation of a 90 m2 house in Las Arenas, Vizcaya.  It was demolished in its entirety and the configuration of the spaces has been redistributed. The dining and living room area are now adjacent to the terrace.

A hall acts as an anteroom to discover the main space and the integrated kitchen which goes unnoticed. The space is completed with a bedroom with a private bathroom, a guest room, a semi-enclosed utility room and a communal bathroom.

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M: What type of client is this project aimed at?

EM: The renovation of this house is aimed at a middle-aged professional who loves open and practical spaces. He doesn’t like too much furniture but avoided a minimalist aesthetic.

He wanted a space with personality, elegant and with few decorative elements. For this reason, the main elements of the house are the volumes and the cladding planes of the space.

M: What needs are you looking to cover with this renovation?

EM: First and foremost, to satisfy the client’s expectations as much as possible. It is a very well-located house in Las Arenas neighbourhood, but the interior was in a state of significant deterioration.

To do this, we carefully selected all the materials, coverings, and pieces of furniture, while faithfully respecting the project.

Design d'intérieur brutaliste momocca mobili
white sideboard by Momocca - efecto3 project
brutalist interior design - adara sidetable

M: What was the inspiration for this interior design?

EM: We didn’t want a romantic aesthetic, but rather a hard and brutalist one without being cold. This is reflected in the materials that make up the space.

We went for an oak wood floor, porcelain tiling on the two columns. Finally, the concrete beam and the exposed concrete column divide the living room from the dining room.

The furniture is simple, with tones in keeping with the surrounding colour. In short, an elegant home with personality.

M: Why did you choose Momocca?

EM: Your product is very elegant, and I personally like the strength of Adara.

Although it is true that in wood it looks fantastic, in our case we needed a flat colour to compensate for the weight of the wood on the floor, and the cream colour on the dark beige wallpaper on the TV wall is a total success.

The Sahara Noir stone worktop, with its strong veins, finishes off the set. The coffee table, in the same finishes, complements the composition.

interior atemporal momocca aparador moderno
momocca interiors efecto 3 project

M: What were you looking for with this “clashing” effect between the concrete beam and the floor?

EM: The column and the exposed concrete beam, from the beginning of the project, were the elements that would bring a brutalist touch to the proposal, as well as serving as a clear dividing element between the living and dining areas.

M: Tell us about the play of walls, each one made of a different material.

EM: The combination of wall coverings is fundamental in this project, if we look from the living room towards the entrance you will see the two volumes covered in the dark porcelain material, with the background in wallpaper. If, on the other hand, we look from the entrance towards the living room, we will see the negative effect, the wallpaper in the foreground and the sides in the background in dark porcelain. Everything has been thought out.

timelessness interior design with momocca efecto3

M: And despite having several volumes, the kitchen goes unnoticed, how do you achieve this?

EM: The kitchen is another interesting element. The appliances are hidden behind the entrance volume.  It looks like a compositional element of the space rather than a kitchen. The imposing white Krion worktop contrasts with the dark wood colour of the furniture.

M: Speaking of contrasts, what were you looking for with the contrast between the furniture? In the TV area, the Adara contrasts sharply with the seating elements.

EM: The focal point of the space is the television unit, and in front of it, a frame designed to highlight it. The wall-mounted television needed a low, exceptionally long piece of furniture, and that’s where Arada brings its elegance.

M: What makes this project special for Eduardo Meneses?

EM: It is always gratifying to complete a process. At Efecto 3 we are dedicated to the design and construction of interior design projects and to see a finished work, which is a true reflection of what we have planned, makes us feel satisfied.

We are delighted to be the tool to materialise the dreams of those who place their trust in us.

Momocca thanks Eduardo Meneses for his time, trust and willingness to do this interview. Photography Manu Luque

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