Interior design in Casa Mayor

An open-plan, bright and welcoming space

Just as we are constantly changing throughout our lives, our home should be able to do the same. Luckily, interior design allows homes to change to adapt to new circumstances and this project is a case in point.

J&M trusted on Miguel Calvo to change a dark and cramped flat into a cosy home to welcome a new member of the family.

Proyecto Miguel Calvo

Momocca: What type of project are we dealing with and what needs are we looking to cover with this type of project? 

Miguel Calvo: The project consisted of the design, distribution, and adaptation of a space to convert it into an light airy interior design on two floors for use as a private home.

Among the needs requested by the clients was the requirement to obtain a minimum of 3 bedrooms as a new member of the family was to come.

In this case they trusted on me because they had already seen some of my previous work and because they did not see themselves capable of making the best use of the space.

M: What is the inspiration behind this interior design?

MC: The whole project was based on creating a space where light was the protagonist, and above all, comfortable to use.

Since they came from a space that was totally opposite to their tastes and priorities, while they were looking for a bright and spacious home.

M: What type of client is this home aimed at?

MC: The clients are a young couple in their 30s, with independent professions and soon to be joined by Javier.

M: We see that dominant colours are neutral tones, however, there are also details of colour. What are you looking for with this contrast?

MC: The use of neutral colours is a resource that I use on many occasions. In this way I achieve a sense of spaciousness and purity. I also occasionally use colour to give a touch of freshness and informality.

M:  Talking about Momocca, how did the idea of placing a Julia shelf in this house come about?

MC: The use of the bookcase in this space arose for two reasons. The first is because it is a piece that I personally have been in love with from the beginning.

And the second one because having a space where there is hardly any furniture, I needed a piece that would provide me with all the values that the Julia bookshop represents: nobility, warmth, elegance, subtlety, statutes, etc.

Proyecto M. Calvo

M: It seems to connect well with the interior design because of the curved shape. How important are the curved elements in this project?

MC: Curved shapes relax the decoration and make it more friendly. In this case, the Julia bookcase integrates perfectly with this space. Firstly, because of the walnut wood tones, secondly, because of the upholstery of its panels, as I play with the same tones in the existing upholstery in the space itself.  And thirdly for its curved shape that softened the function of the bookcase in a passage area, generating an easy and warm passage at the same time.

We would like to thank Miguel Calvo for his confidence in choosing us for this light airy interior design and also for the time dedicated to this interview and the cession of his photos.

The images may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior consent of Miguel Calvo and its photographer. 


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