The strength of a unique edition

The 55th edition of Casa Decor will be remembered as one of the most unusual in its history. All circumstances experienced by the Coronavirus situation meant that the reference exhibition of interior design and decoration in Spain had to open twice. This sustainable edition is also the most combative, weathering a storm that cancelled out the leading fairs in the sector.

It was, without a doubt, an epic and different edition, given the circumstances known to all. (...) We can say that this is the longest exhibition in the 28 years of history of Casa Decor, after 132 days of face-to-face and virtual exhibition.

Alicia García Cabrera

So, under these circumstances, Casa Decor returned, more reliable than ever. In fact, according to the organization it has been one of the most successful despite the closure, showing that the tenacity and effort of its team, with Alicia Cabrera at the head, could face any pandemic.

Momocca at Casa Decor

This was the framework for the more sustainable edition of Casa Decor, in which we participated for the first time. We did it with Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech from The Room Studio. The Catalan studio was designing a technological hotel room for Gira Ibérica.

In addition to the technical component, this suite was capable of transmitting environments and sensations through the use of natural and recovered materials.

According to the high level demanded, in Momocca, we provide the best of ourselves by adapting our collections to a contract environment with very concrete specifications.

The collections adaptability, both in shape and in materiality, was vital for their perfect integration in this space and philosophy. A dressing room and two bedside tables from the Julia and Emma collections, respectively, were placed in the space, constituting the rest area of this hotel suite.

The Room Studio Casa Decor 2020
The Julia dressing room was perfect because it has all the elements that we incorporated in this project in terms of natural materials, but apart from that, Julia is light and versatile. We also liked the Emma side tables because they were perfect with the design we created. We made a headboard designed with a rounded shape and curved glass and the round tables fit perfectly.

Meritxell Ribé & Josep Puigdomènech

Success of a different edition

All the effort dedicated in our visit to Casa Decor 2020 to achieving perfection in every detail was rewarded. Several requests for visits were increased week by week, from numerous interior design studios interested in being able to see our collections, in such a real context.

Finally, the edition stood out for giving visibility to sustainable works in which recycling, natural elements or craftsmanship were present in spaces that coincided in rewarding the serenity and well-being of users over other more striking criteria.

The word ``natural`` has been the adjective that has defined the trends and proposals of the spaces: organic, recycled and recyclable materials; respectful projects, 100% recoverable; local handcrafted materials; technological innovation in pursuit of the energetic efficiency; and a decided bet for the botanical culture

Alicia García Cabrera

Changes in trends

Our visit to Casa Decor 2020 coincided with an edition of clean spaces and fresh and efficient proposals; that already announced a change of mentality and consumption, towards more responsible trends; that is now consolidated in this situation of new normality.

Lourdes Coll Momocca
For us, participating in Casa Decor has been a very positive experience. The possibility of showing our products in a real scenario helped us a lot. We have interacted with our clients, we have explained what is behind Momocca and we have even been able to give them advice. This is the most valuable thing for us. I think I can say that this is the month in which Momocca has travelled the most, we had appointments arranged since Casa Decor announced its opening and we are still adding up until almost the end of the edition. Everything is worth living this experience, in fact we are already looking forward to returning!

Lourdes Coll

Once again, thank you, Casa Decor.

Momocca Design