Gira Space : Lost in Translation

Creating environments and sensations at Casa Decor

We discover “Lost in Translation”, the Gira space at Casa Decor exhibition 2020, designed by The Room Studio. A hotel room inspired by the film of the same title, capable of creating environments and transmitting sensations through natural materials and home automation.

Its creators, Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech, tell us about the details that inspired this space.

Momocca: Casa Decor offered a wide range of creative possibilities. Why a hotel room?

Meritxell Ribé: As it was a home automation space for Gira, the hotel room provided us with many tools and give much play. A place for 5 senses, in which natural materials and different play of light and atmosphere are used. We also have a bathing and resting area, a dressing room then the hotel room allowed us, in a relatively small space, to play with all this allowing extracting more information regarding the interior.

M: How did the idea of calling the space “Lost in Translation” come about?

Josep Puigdomènech: It came about because we saw the film Lost in Translation many years ago and went to Japan for it. And of course, in the film almost all the dialogue and the plot happens when the girl is in the hotel room and meets Bill Murray, who is in the same hotel.

Casa Decor

MR: Also, the film is from many years ago and that hotel already had technology that we didn’t have in Spain.

And since the space is for Gira, with home automation, all of this came to mind: the technological theme, the Japan inspiration…

In fact, since the film was shot there, we wanted to give a nod to one of its architectural details: the use of natural materials without chemicals.

The final result is sober, elegant and lets the different pieces breathe on their own. If we had put a lot of information on the walls, the pieces would have lost their own meaning. We were looking for a very rational and balanced envelope. So, Le Corbusier’s lamp, the Momocca dressing room, the bed, the headboard… everything has its place in a small space.

M: What does working with home automation bring?

JP: Home automation brings everything. When you look at a magazine you see photography, furniture, colours… but you don’t see lights, you don’t see the atmosphere, ambience, or warmth. You can only feel that when you’re present, and this is a good place to make that possible. Casa Decor exhibition give us the opportunity to show how home automation allows you to enjoy the interior design with 5 senses.

MR: We do not conceive any space without home automation.

For us it is one more basis of the project, just as you do not doubt that a house has a kitchen, or a space for television or a bathroom.

We work with home automation system for so many years, that for us it is already a norm and gives a plus to the project. Without it the interior design would have no sense. Home automation is the essence of the project.

M: How did you play with light in a resting place?

JP: We wanted to simplify and take care of the lighting environment in a hotel room. Many times when we go to a hotel we are looking for lights or plugs.

What we have achieved here is that with just one touch we can create settings for relaxation, good morning, good night, parties…

Just by pressing a button, we make a light scene, which creates a cosy atmosphere, or that depends on the mood of the guest.

Home automation brings everything (...). We do not conceive any space without home automation. For us, it is one more basis of the project
Meritxell Ribé & Josep Puigdomènech
The Room Studio

M: Finally, why did you choose these Momocca furniture configurations?

MR: The Julia dressing room was perfect because it has all the elements that we incorporated in this project in terms of natural materials, but apart from that, Julia is light and versatile. You can make different combinations and this allowed us to modulate it very well to the space. The result is fantastic, fabulous. For me it’s one of the main points.

JP: We also liked the Emma side tables because they were perfect with the design we created. We made a headboard designed with a rounded shape and curved glass and the round tables fit perfectly, plus we were able to choose a variety of materials that were great for this project.

We would like to thank Mertixell and Josep for their time and words in this interview, and above all, for having chosen us for this space in Casa Decor exhibition 2020.

Photography by Germán Cabo | Momocca Collections: Julia (dressing room), Emma (bedside tables).

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