How to make the office a happy place?

3 tips for a friendly workplace

Going to the office is less hard if a motivating place awaits us. There has always been a concept of the workplace as a hostile, aseptic and lifeless place.

Fortunately, work models are changing this idea and redirecting it towards the creation of much more sociable and, why not, happy spaces.

Today we give you the keys to creating a friendly office.

Diseño interior notaría Alter Ego


Try to combine natural light with artificial light, neither should be excessive and they should coexist harmoniously.

Design a lighting plan by zones, warm lights in the social areas, white light for the work area.

Remember to place the ceiling light at the sides of the work area so as not to create excess lighting when computers are switched on. Too much light is just as annoying as too much gloom.

Mueble oficina zona social | Momocca


Although we are looking for the happy office, we must keep in mind that nowhere is home like home. This is the key idea for designing Social Spaces.

More and more companies are looking for a place where their workers can share and discuss.

The challenge will be to make a home interior design within an office: look for versatile furniture and decoration that can adapt to any type of space, bet on a range of colors that transmits well-being and of course rely on natural materials such as wood and textiles.

Mueble oficina zona social | Momocca


We perceive corners and points as hostile elements. The office must be welcoming so that the worker feels happy. To do so, you must disguise this hostile design with small details:

  • Incorporate plants in the corners or dare with semi-artificial trees if space permits.
  • Look for furniture with curved edges and natural materials that respect occupational health.
  • Create acoustic insulation with a friendly design: upholstered partitions, textile or wood panels in furniture and linen or cotton curtains.
  • Create an open-plan work area that allows employees to circulate correctly.
Notary office bruxelles with momocca furniture

An interior design at the service of people allows to reach the emotional component of the spaces.  This is what HÖL Madrid did with the Alter Ego, project, from which we extract these images.

Trust in companies that put people at the center of their design and the potential of your interiors will have no limits.

If you want to know more about Offices that connect, download this ebook we have prepared:

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