Alter Ego, « other I »; curved design, flowing light.

Discover the interior design of the Alter Ego notary (Brussels)

This time we travel to Brussels to discover the interior design of Alter Ego notary. A space that is an oasis of well-being for clients and workers. Curve and the flow of light are the protagonists.

Adara sideboards and Julia shelves are integrated in this environment, adding sophistication to this carefully designed office. María Rivero, interior designer of Höl Madrid, tells us how this work has been done:

Alter Ego notary office -
Diseño interior notaría Alter Ego

M: Who is this project aimed at?

MR: The project is for a notary in Brussels; Alter Ego. Two notaries are starting a new phase and they were looking for an office for their employees.

The offices had to be spacious and have different rooms that were welcoming to receive clients and for the employees themselves.

Thus, Alter Ego now has 4 signing rooms for notaries, open-plan offices, a reception area and a waiting room.

Aparador Adara by Momocca para oficina
Notary office bruxelles with momocca furniture

M: What was the inspiration for this project?

MR: Part of the concept comes from the name of the notary: Alter Ego, “the other I” in Latin. So we made contrasts between colder materials such as cement, concrete and glass with warmer ones such as wood. From the straightness of the most rigid vertical slats to the curves present in screens and furniture.

The curve is a resource that we use at HÖL on a regular basis. They transmit peace and tranquillity, as well as comfort to the people who inhabit the space. So, being the interior design of a notary, it was essential to incorporate it to achieve this purpose.

Diseño interior notaría Alter Ego
Julia by Momocca oficina notarial Alter Ego

M: Is this importance of the curve a determining factor in choosing Momocca?

MR: The project was based on made-to-measure furniture and curved screens, so the choice of Momocca fitted perfectly with it and with the idea to be transmitted.

It was the best choice. We had a client who wanted quality furniture, and Momocca furniture was perfectly integrated into the design. It seemed to be made for this project.

The Julia shelving had a triple purpose: to divide the workspace without visually closing it off, to help the acoustics and privacy of this area and, of course, its functional component. They work with a large volume of files and documentation and the shelving, as a furniture element, was necessary.

As for the Adara sideboards, we opted for the black profile because, as I said before, all our design has this tendency to create the contrast. The combination of materials was perfect and its curved corner finish was ideal for this environment.

Aparador de diseño para oficina Adara Momocca
Aménagement intérieur office notarial  Alter Ego avec momocca

M: Let’s talk about colours, what are you looking for with the contrasts between neutral colours, blue details and the green of the plants?

MR: The colours are based on Alter Ego’s corporate colour palette.

From that base we made a declination of colours that we adapted to the space: blues that inspire concentration and professionalism, neutral colours to favour concentration and maintain the image of a sober place that the notary’s office had to show, and the green of the plants to incorporate nature into the office and bring quality to the air.

The combination of all this creates a much more pleasant atmosphere. One of the most important factors of the office is its social side and through a study of light, colours and plants, it is possible to generate much more pleasant dynamics.

Oficinas Alter Ego en Bruselas

M: What is the importance of natural light and how do you keep it flowing through the different rooms?

MR: Natural light in offices is one of the most important issues. You can’t have a workspace without it.

It had to flow along with the communication, so we made two vertical transparent partitions that go through the space and wrap around it. The light is not cut off and continues to flow and the worker still has his privacy but without being isolated.

A central corridor is left where the files are and where calls can be made. But natural light still prevails, which is essential, especially in a city like Brussels that tends to be grey.


This is Alter Ego, an office where everything flows, where the well-being of the workers and sophisticated design are prioritised. Momocca would like to thank María Rivero for having thought of Momocca for this purpose and for her time in this interview.

Remember that you can visit HÖL Madrid and its instagram to discover its wonderful art, design and decoration products. A showcase for interior design that you can’t miss.

Momocca in this project