Interior design in offices: Heros 28

A notary's office inspired by an art gallery

Can a notary have the air of an art gallery? You will find the answer in this interior design in offices, Notary Heros 28. A project designed by the Lázaro Estudio team that shows us a new concept for this kind of offices.

Raquel Lázaro, project manager and interior designer, tells us about her experience in this interview:

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Momocca: What need were you looking for in this interior design?

Raquel Lázaro: It is a project that the notaries Miguel Ángel Martínez Urroz and Nicolás Almarza Ayarza have started with great enthusiasm by joining their teams and experiences. It was especially important to reflect this new beginning through interior design and renovation of the interior space.


M: Who is this project aimed?

RL: Continuing with what I said before, as it is a notary’s office, the final objective is to welcome all audiences.

You must think that in this type of office, all kinds of documents and procedures are formalised. At the same time, the extraordinary team that forms part of Heros 28 Notary’s office has also been considered, and the spaces have been prepared to adapt to this situation.

design furniture for office - Momocca
design d'intérieru dan un étude de notaire Lazaro Estudio Momocca

M: What inspires you to design this interior?

RL: In this case, it is the space itself and its history that has inspired us. The original friezes and mouldings were already part of the building, and it was decided to keep these details, giving the floor that can be breathed in the building designed in 1919 by the architect Gregorio Ibarreche.

On the other hand, the tones of the paneling were softened as some were damaged, and it was difficult to recover the same wood. At the same time, the contribution of wood gave us a warmer and more luminous atmosphere where the works of art that were to be placed on its walls stood out.


M: Continuing with the incorporation of Momocca furniture, why did you choose the Julia Collection to complete the space?

RL: Momocca allowed us to design the furniture we had in mind with total freedom, combining different types of materials and shapes. We chose Julia because with the same collection we were able to solve three different kinds of needs.

mobiliario de diseño oficina bilbao
interiorismo en oficina notaria Heros Lazaro Estudio Momocca
design furniture for office - Momocca

Specifically, we placed 4 shelves, 2 sideboards and 2 desks all in oak wood, in some of the panels we kept the natural colour, and in others, we opted for black lacquer. We believe that in this way it gives a much more sober touch to the space, more elegant.

Moreover, it fits perfectly with the rest of the interior design. We opted for spaces in neutral tones so that all the furniture, lighting and works of art would stand out.


M: About the lighting, we see that it is one of the main elements. What role does it play in this interior design?

RL:  It was decided that the lighting would be part of that art gallery effect that breathes it. We opted for a firm with a lot of design like FLOS for the most characteristic spaces, playing with lamps that look like sculptures or that, because of their shape and transparency (as is the case with the boardroom), do not interfere with seeing the paintings in the room. The work areas, on the other hand, are always illuminated on each post, since in these cases the functionality and comfort of the worker is the most important factor.

Iluminación Flos proyecto Lazaro Estudio Momocca
separacion de ambientes Momocca Lazaro Estudio

M: Another interesting detail that we have seen is the use of glass in many of the rooms.

RL: As well as being an aesthetic criterion or to divide up rooms, the use of glass is motivated by the fact that the offices had to achieve a greater degree of versatility. The first thought that comes to mind when we talk about a notary’s office is the image of a dark, old place, anchored in time.

In this notary’s office, we wanted to reflect “openness”, transparency. By using these glass doors, we transmit more closeness to the clients and leave behind the traditional image that the concept of a notary’s office has.


M: Finally, why has this project been unique for Lázaro Estudio?

RL: Of course, each of our projects is special. But in this case, collaborating with a team as professional as Notaria Heros 28, allowed us to enjoy a job that was totally affected by the pandemic’s halt but which, with a lot of effort on everyone’s part, we managed to move forward by rowing together.

Momocca would like to thank Raquel Lázaro for her willingness for this interview and for having chosen our Julia Collection for this interior design project in offices, Notary Heros 28.  Photograph by Erlantz Biderbost.

Notaria Heros 28
mobiliario diseño Momocca interiorismo

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