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It is said that since Gaudí there has not been a Catalan artist as important and complete as Xavier Corberó, the protagonist of our blog’s post.  One of the artists who innovated most in his works and who most faithfully shaped his character in all his works.

A brilliant mind that, however, was governed by a philosophy that was very simple and at the same time difficult to internalize: the admiration of the beauty of what’s actually going on.

All his works show a touch of complicity with what surrounds us by showing a poetic beauty that is sometimes hidden from our eyes. The artist was in charge of taking it out through his great sculptures and his great project: his home.

The artist’s soul: The Labyrinth House

Corberó wanted his home to be the highest representative of all his work and a reflection of himself. A place in which to show his sculptural work, perfectly integrated with a careful interior decoration in which elements as different as cement and wood are mixed. A perfect union of contrasts complemented by surrealist brushstrokes, influenced by his friend Dalí.

A construction where the most representative are its multiple arches with mirador function. Every detail of this house has the objective to let see the exterior beauty, the natural light. Pursuing to connect art and nature. Pursuing that the home was authentic poetry.

In the film directed by Albert Moya, Xavier Corberó explains what he was looking for in all his creations:

“Sometimes they ask me about what I wanted to do when I began this structure. Well, when its possible, what I always attempt to do is poetry. Whether it’s sculptures, building, or spaces, the outcome of what I do has to be poetry, which I believe is the measure of all things.”

Xavier Corberó
Interior design for Xavier Corberó

How to make the works reflect the beauty, the search for the poetic? Corberó defended that each house was like an agenda. Therefore, each object has a personal story to tell. It it only had to be shown to the outside.  In this way, each one can see careful interior design where the rooms leave aside their primary function to become an exhibition place for works of art

Image credits: © Jerome Galland  © Salva López

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