Momocca doesn’t make chairs. Momocca doesn’t make lamps. Momocca makes complementary furnishings. But we don’t just make any old furniture; we create avant-garde pieces with excellent quality, design and personality. We firmly believe in expertise; we know what we’re good at and how to do it.

When a company is born, it must have a clear idea of its values. These form the path that will determine every movement and decision it makes, as small as these may be. We know the path we have taken, which is why we can confidently promise:


  • Maximum quality throughout the entire process, from furniture design to delivery and customer service. We strive for excellence and maximum attention to detail.
  • Direct and personal customer service using an efficient management process without middlemen. We want to get to know you personally by talking face-to-face and becoming friends. We want to cultivate a friendship based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Loyalty to our values, represented by a clear, clean and concise brand image in all of our correspondence, catalogues and events.
  • Transmission of design culture, not only by making our own contributions, but also by sharing the creations and visions of others, because the world of design is shaped by all of us, from each individual’s perspective and personality – that’s the magic of it all.