Cierre temporal en Casa Decor

Despite the efforts of authorities and organizers of the event. Coronavirus wins this battle and Casa Decor temporarily closes its exhibition.

A decision taken in consensus with all participants from social and health responsibility and commitment. A hard blow for an exhibition that had been working and preparing for many months and that will undoubtedly shine again, with more strength than ever.

Casa Decor opened its doors on March 5th. At that time, the threat of Covid-19 was already causing a stir, especially in Madrid, the Spanish city that is suffering most from this situation. The organization, aware of the situation, was already taking preventive measures such as increasing the cleanliness of the spaces and common areas, hydro-alcoholic gels on each floor and reducing the capacity.

Despite the exhaustive control and excellent communication flow, Casa Decor decided on March 12th that it was time to act in accordance with the reality of the city. Despite the fact that at that time there was no indication of closure by the authorities, the organization sent an email to its collaborators. This emails informed them that the exhibition would be closed temporarily as long as there was consensus from all participants.

Thus, it was unanimously decided to temporarily stop the exhibition, both for the health of the personnel involved in the exhibition and because they could not be unaware of the situation that was being experienced at that time in Madrid.

As they themselves pointed out in their communiqué “It is a matter of responsibility and social and health commitment”.

Casa Decor announcement:

Due to the extraordinary situation caused by Coronavirus (…), the management of Casa Decor and the participating companies have decided by mutual agreement to temporarily close the Exhibition. We cannot be unaware of everything that is happening in our city. It is a matter of social and health responsibility and commitment. Our intention is to reopen the Exhibition when conditions improve and the health authorities indicate so, which we hope will happen as soon as possible. Until then, we will continue to communicate the projects, materials and products exhibited through our website and social networks. We thank you for your messages of solidarity and all the support you have given us during these days. We will be back!

During the closing period, Casa Decor will assume 24-hours security services, cleaning and maintenance of the spaces.  All the spaces will be in perfect conditions and won’t suffer the passage of days.

The biggest interior design exhibition in Spain does not say goodbye, but see you soon. Because we all trust and wish in the quick recovery of our country and all the countries affected by this pandemic. Casa Decor will shine again, stronger than ever. In order to do so, we must all be responsible and follow the instructions of the experts.

The organization has always acted in a perfectly coordinated and responsible manner. Preventive measures have been taken at all times and the safety of all professionals and participants has been ensured. Difficult decisions, without a doubt, that we trust will be rewarded with a prompt reopening and above all with the recovery and improvement of this situation.

We beat this virus together!

Featured image on the post: Casa Decor 2020 ticket office, Gancedo – Eli Gutierrez. Photography by Nacho Uribe Salazar.

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