Refurbishment in studio & home

An interior design with a double function

The latest project of 2020 is dedicated to work at home. In this refurbishment in studio and home in Madrid by Carlos Castaño from 3Clevel, shows us how he turns his house into a practical studio and showroom.

interiorismo en vivienda y estudio profesional 3clevel · Momocca

Momocca: Who is the project aimed at?

Carlos Castaño: This project is a comprehensive reform of an office floor in Gran Vía (Madrid) to convert it into a home and work area. Specifically, it is my home and studio. So, it was necessary for there to be a separation between the spaces, but without becoming an abrupt cut.

The part dedicated to work and customer service had to show its more professional side, but without giving up the cosy element that the house has. It had to be a welcoming place.

M: What is the inspiration for this integration?

CC: The project is divided into 2 phases. Firstly, with the refurbishing, the project tries to recover all the unique elements of a building in Gran Via, Madrid, in the 1930s. For example, the metal structures have been recovered.

The original mouldings and metal pillars are also restored. Attention is paid to small original details such as the locks on the windows and the brass pieces that give an authentic touch that historical architecture has. In contrast to all this, we have introduced modern finishes and created diaphanous spaces.

interiorismo en vivienda y estudio profesional 3clevel · Momocca

M: It is the coexistence of classic and modern that makes you bet on Momocca?

CC: Yes, you could say that. Momocca furniture brings together the characteristics that we use most in our projects. That is, its simple lines, its concept of timelessness and the use of noble materials. Thus, by integrating it into the designed space we achieve a result of enormous beauty.

M: Why specifically an Adara sideboard?

CC: An Adara sideboard with the highest capacity was chosen as a service unit in the dining area. Combining the wood with a dark Dekton stone, Adara contrasted with the dining table which has a vintage calaccata quartzite

It is also capable of integrating perfectly into the space and of dialoguing with other similar furniture. Adara is a sample of the options of combinations of natural materials present in every space.

M: So, are natural materials the backbone of the project?

CC: Yes, in addition to being a workspace, this area will serve as a showroom. The client must be able to see how we use the materials and the possibilities we offer. That is why the great variety, presence and its different applications.

The main premise of the project was to work with natural materials because they provide warmth, a timeless look and highlight the natural beauty of the whole

M: What makes this project special for you?

CC: The most special thing about this project is the way in which different types of wood for furniture, floors, and window details have been combined, which with different tones manage to harmonise perfectly with a warm and very pleasant result.

90% of our work is focused on housing rehabilitation and refurbishment, and that is what we like best, that we start from some very marked conditions, which will determine the distribution or the final project.

Obviously, in new construction there are also some urban planning and regulatory conditions that must be met, and which condition the project.

But when we intervene in historic buildings the most important thing is to capture and try to maintain elements and the original spirit of the property, reinventing them and adapting them to the new needs of the project.

The result is always much more enriching.

Momocca thanks Carlos Castaño for his time for this interview in which he reveals a multipurpose design, integrating the Adara Collection in a refurbishment in studio and home. 

Adara Momocca aparador para Carlos Castaño

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