Refurbishment of a iconic building

Chalet de los Periodistas - Valencia

The historic building known as “El Chalet de los Periodistas” an early 20th century villa, is one of the most emblematic in Valencia, a reflection of the Valencian bourgeoisie of the time.

The last of the 14 chalets designed by Enrique Viedma for the Press Association has been close to demolition on several occasions. But today it shines again thanks to a refurbishment designed by Mar Plus Ask and carried out by Elo Construcciones in which we had the opportunity to collaborate by incorporating our furniture

Facade of the building

ELO Construcciones oversees this restoration and rehabilitation project that seeks to recover the original essence of this building.

This has required a methodical work in which the constructive elements of the house have been the guides to develop the restoration. This refurbishment respects both form and materiality, and original structures of the building itself, adapting to current housing needs.

On the outside, the architectural and aesthetic elements of the building have been rigorously respected: the tower, the two terraces and a garden. Everything has been maintained as it was conceived at the beginning of the 20th century.

Inside the building

No aesthetic detail has been altered in this refurbishment in a classic building, but it has been enhanced, such as the large windows distributed along the façade that bring a great deal of natural light and ventilation to the entire interior.

Inside, the structure has been reinforced and areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen have been modernised. But the marvellous hydraulic tile mosaics on the floors and the stone ceiling with wooden beams have been maintained, with a backlighting that highlights the authenticity of its forms. One of the ceilings stands out for its shape, resembling a star due to its geometric form, a sign of the high value of the architecture of the period.

Momocca in this context

Momocca has participated in this project by incorporating 3 pieces of furniture with different functions.

Firstly, an Adara sideboard is incorporated, made up of four modules with a metal profile that gives it an industrial air that connects with the style and period of the house.

There is also a sideboard with a bench function from the Julia Collection that brings a contemporary touch to the room and two seats from the Olga Collection that break with the geometric hegemony present in the construction and bring comfort and warmth to the main space.

Materials present in the rehabilitation of the building have been used in furniture, so, everything is integrated into the space.

refurbishment in a classic building with momocca furniture

Below, you can see the result of the refurbishment in more detail thanks to this video provided by ELO Construcciones. Now this classic building rises again in Blasco Ibáñez, in front of the great grove of trees of its avenue, as a reminder of what was the industrial Valencia. A living witness to the history of the city.


Momocca thanks ELO Construcciones for thinking of us in this collaboration for the refurbishment of this classic building. Photography: Paco Alcantud & Juan F. González.

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Momocca in this project