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Utrera House by Casas inHAUS

We start the year with a very interesting project. Would you like to visit a modular design home? We went into Utrera House, an inHAUS project with Momocca furniture.

Alfonso Picozzi, architect, and interior designer explains to us how the process went in this interview.

Utrera Maison Momocca mobilier -

Momocca: What needs do you want to cover with this type of housing?

Alfonso Picozzi: It is a house that is divided into two volumes of two floors, facing each other, with a total surface area of about 500 m².

Small volume is designed to accommodate family and friends. Every detail has been thought out for maximum comfort. On the ground floor we find the living room, with a mini bar, open to the outdoor swimming pool area. Through a staircase, we go up to the first floor where we will find two double bedrooms, a complete bathroom and a terrace. Finally, here is the office, a key part of the project.

In case of large volume, the main house, consists of a ground floor with a double height entrance hall, a large kitchen and gallery, toilet, and living-dining room. The living-dining room revolves around a two-sided fireplace. The staircase, which surrounds a masonry stone wall, leads to the first floor. On this floor there are two suites and a master room with a dressing room and two bathrooms.

A house full of details that revolves around the central exterior space.

Casa Utrera modular h

M: What type of client is Utrera House aimed at?

AP: A house is always a reflection of whoever lives in it, it shows a lifestyle.

Utrera House is a special project, aimed at a family who wanted speed and, above all, peace, and comfort. To bring together family, friends, work, and nature on a single plot. All in one, without leaving home.

M: What do you take inspiration from to create the interior design?

AP: First we carry out a detailed, personalised study to turn the model into a home with the identity of each client.

In this case, it is the Mediterranean style that predominates in this home. The natural elements, which are especially important in the design, such as stone, ceramics or wood, reflect this.  The natural materials together with the neutral tones bring warmth and elegance to the whole.

Home office Julia, Casa modular diseño (Utrera)
Mueble TV Adara
Adara sideboard high legs - inHAUS project

M: How important are design marks in inHAUS projects?

AP: The mission of inHAUS is to provide society with the best buildings in terms of design, energy efficiency, construction quality and finishes. That is why we need design brands that share the same philosophy and allow us to achieve excellence.

M: Why has Momocca been incorporated into this House?

AP:  Yes, in this connection, for us, furniture has to be an extension of architecture. Architecture and furniture must speak the same language. In this case we were clear about this, Momocca, with its product it transmits the same concepts that we want to put into value in this house.

Adara Collection stands out for its honesty. A singular piece that thanks to the wood manages to bring warmth to the space, at the same time as elegance. Capable of filling any space.

Julia Collection, for its part, manages to be the differentiating element, thanks to the fact that it offers infinite possibilities in terms of colours, materials, and shapes.

Butacas proyecto inHAUS con mobiliario Momocca
Utrera Home by inHAUS Momocca furniture project

M: What makes Utrera House different or special?

Each of our homes is special. Despite having a catalogue with 111 homes, each one is unique, as it bears the identity mark of each client. This personalisation is largely possible thanks to our innovative construction system.

Here, the different factors that influence Utrera House play an important role: the tastes of the clients, the location, the different uses… The result is 13 modules, divided into a main house and a guest house, generating a central exterior space of great value.

Salon Casa Utrera InHAUS

M: To finish, with the interview, how did the idea of creating prefabricated modular design houses come about?

AP: At Casas inHAUS we seek to reinvent the model of building a home. We manufacture in five months in a warehouse and it is assembled in 15 days on the ground and best of all, with a closed price…

M: In Momocca we are delighted to be part of such an innovative project.

AP: Thank you very much! We believe that it is a unique system because we manufacture robust modular housing but at the same time with the flexibility of design and adaptation to the client.

Momocca would like to thank Alfonso Picozzi, Begoña Serna and the inHaus team for having trusted Momocca for the Utrera model, and their time for this interview. Photography: Fernando Alda

Escritorio Casa Utrera InHAUS
mobiliario home office Julia Momocca Casas inHAUS

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