Mediterranean interior design in Altea

Sun, breeze and the sea in an interior design

Mediterranean interior design is the protagonist of our project today. Rafael Senabre, interior designer in charge, tells us about the transformation process of a holiday home where the sun and the sea are as crucial in interior design as the distribution of space and design furniture.

Momocca: To whom is this project addressed?

Rafael Senabre: The idea starts at the renovation of a house in Altea in front of the beach. It is a project aimed at a family in Sweden. They wanted their home to breathe Mediterranean air with the sun and the sea as protagonists. Details that are present in our country and that they do not have there.

The house was very deteriorated and not adapted to the personal circumstances of the family. So rooms were created for each of the children. Besides, ceilings, walls and doors were repaired, and care was taken with the terraces and the living room so that light would be the protagonist of this Mediterranean interior design.

M: It seems that the inspiration comes from the Mediterranean itselt? 

RS: That’s right, a house adapted to their tastes, but incorporating the Mediterranean touch overturned to the landscape and the sea. So, I enhanced the natural light with the help of the views; the sea would come into the house.

Keep in mind, in Sweden they live half the day in their house and even though the Nordic interior design reigns, here they wanted to feel noble materials and touches of colour. To explore the warmth of the area through the wood and textiles, with colours that are a little more striking without being shrill.

M: About the interior design, we know that your facet as a designer has played a significant role here, isn’t it? How does Momocca’s furniture integrate with your designs?

RS: That’s right, I also design furniture, it’s a way of personalising each project as much as possible; it’s my stamp. In this project, my designs are the cupboard type furniture and the bedrooms: headboards, bedside tables, textiles, the wardrobe… This way I manage to make each room different but always with continuity.

Going back to the cupboards, they are lacquered in white to counteract Momocca sideboards. The textile finish wallpaper is added and that contrast, as a whole, is very beautiful. Adara sideboards have the porcelain surface in white so that the link between the furniture designed by Momocca and mine is more noticeable, thus everything is integrated in the same room.

M: Before going deeper into Momocca, the fact that the decorative elements follow geometrical patterns attracts our attention. Is this a customer request?

RS: I made this proposal. Everything came from the lamp in the living room, from Aromas del Campo, which guided this part of the interior design. We chose it because of its pink colour. We wanted a colour that would give a fresh touch to the living room, so we selected a set of rugs, very neutral and not too heavy to adapt to the space and the reality of the house.

If you look at the back, I placed a wallpaper with geometric motifs, which allows the drawing on the wall. It changes according to the perspective and light of the moment. This paper is also found in the kitchen, acting as a unifier of these areas.

M: Let’s go back to Momocca. Why did you choose our furniture firm, specifically Adara?

RS: I found one of your sideboards when I was looking for furniture online. The first thing that caught my eye was the name, so I went to the website and saw exquisite furniture with clean design and careful finishes. Besides, you were from Valencia and I always try to use local furniture in my projects.

I showed the sideboard to the client and we configured the envelope according to what the project needed, changing the porcelain to a lighter colour. It was the client himself who convinced me to keep the metal profile, to give it a more industrialized character.

M: Finally, what made this project special for Rafael Senabre?

RS: It was a lovely project because of the trust placed in it and the complicity from the very first minute. Remember that they live in Sweden so we did everything online and this made us experience very curious moments like when I made virtual visits to the shops. Besides, it was special because of the freedom to choose things, prepare proposals, design. He didn’t put any obstacles in my way and even he participated actively and gave me suggestions to apply to the project.

When he came to Spain and saw the result, he called me to tell me not only that he liked it, but how much he liked it in his house, that it was a good idea to buy it and call me. If you are an interior designer, a call like that is always the most rewarding part of a project.

Momocca thanks Rafael Senabre for their predisposition for this interview and for having chosen our Adara Collection for this wonderful mediterranean interior design project.  Photograph made by Germán Cabo.


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