Housing in Denia

Cosy interior design that breaks with the norm

In the last days of summer, we travel to Denia where Xavier Pastor shows us a cosy interior design with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.

Interiorismo acogedor muebles de diseño Momocca

Momocca: What kind of project are we looking at?

Xavier Pastor: In this case, we had to revise a standardised residential project, the aim was to personalise the home and make it unique according to the client’s needs.

We started with very clear guidelines, as the layout and flooring were already defined. So, our work would be to be developed in the carpentry, finishing, lighting and equipment.

M: Who is the project aimed at?

XP: The project is aimed at a young couple who are looking for their main residence in this house. So, the focus was on creating cheerful, open-plan and luminous spaces so that the beach of Denia became part of the house

Design d'intérieur cosy avec Momocca mobilier

M: Is this reflected in the inspiration for the interior design?

XP: We tried to make it so that the client’s adaptation to the house was total. Although we had to always bear in mind that we were working on a base of materials defined by the property development which, in our opinion, seemed to us to be an extremely cold combination.

To reduce this effect, we opted for the incorporation of medium tone wood cladding which you can see on the walls, and which perfectly combines with the floor and the darker wood present in the Julia bookcase. We also used light to create effects that add warmth to the space.

Estantería mueble de televisión Colección Julia

M: Speaking of Julia, why did you choose this configuration and what solutions does it provide?

XP: We had a large space, with a large empty wall. The Julia shelving unit covers it completely, but without overwhelming it.

At the same time, it solves different needs ranging from storage associated with the dining table to becoming a TV cabinet.

The finishes give us the necessary play to balance and enhance the feeling of warmth in this area of the home.

Vivienda altea vistas al mar por Xavier Pastor & Momocca

M: How important is light in this project?

XP: Light was essential to give a cosy touch to the room. We had the location of the house as a great ally, as the orientation of the living room towards the sea has large windows, so the living-dining room and kitchen space is extended towards the terrace.

For the artificial light, we have home automation solutions that control the ambiences created by the lighting. We also selected a series of lamps that link with the combination of the Julia model, so the whole set is perfectly integrated.

Cosy interior design Momocca  furniture
Almacenamiento estantería de diseño madera y tapizado Julia

M: Finally, in addition to light and wood, what advice would you give us to create a space that gives us a cosy feeling?

It is important to work with colours. In this case, we unified the same chromatic range for the selection of upholstery to unify the spaces and then be able to add touches of colour that can be seen in different elements such as the upholstery of the shelving, indoor plants and even decorative elements and kitchenware, but always in a balanced way.

Momocca would like to thank Xavier Pastor for his time for this interview and to thank him and his team for all the facilities for the realization of these photographs taken by Germán Cabo. The images may not be distributed without prior authorisation from the photographer.

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