A project that transmits joy in every detail

Reengaging to home is the starting point of this interior design project.

One of the most special for Marta and Fátima from Estudio Caliza who tell us in this interview how empathy with the client is as important as the planning of interior design and the architecture of the space.

An environment in which living room design furniture are of great importance.

Caliza Estudio living room furniture Julia Collection

Momocca: – What type of project are we facing?

Estudio Caliza: It was a very personal project although for us the client is fundamental. That’s why more than explaining the project, I would like to start by introducing the client.

Marisa contacted us because she seeks to give her home a different look. Due to a series of personal circumstances in her life, she wanted to reconnect with her home again. The house was dark and sad, unwelcoming. So we studied, first of all, how to make the house transmit joy and warmth.

M: How did you make this house cheerful?

EC: The project had two fundamental aspects: architecture and interior design, so we decided to give importance to light and space. Marisa wanted to live surrounded by the people she loves: family, friends… This place would be the starting point to give joy to the whole house. So, starting from this idea, the space was reorganized: we threw down partitions and created this meeting space that would have a fundamental piece. At the beginning we didn´t known which element we wanted to incorporate in that space. But soon we were very sure about it. The fundamental piece would be the Julia television furniture.

mobilier design de salon

M: It makes us very happy to know that one of Julia’s living room configuration becomes so important in a project that wants to convey so many positive ideas!

EC: Momocca’s furniture fulfilled the needs we were looking for the main idea this interior design. We wanted something sincere, welcoming, that would express joy and Momocca fulfills it perfectly because their furniture is light and sincere, they show truth in their materials, manufacture, wood and stone.

In addition, Julia is very elegant, showing liveliness and strength thanks to her colors. It was just what we were looking for.

M: What inspired you to make this touch so cheerful and welcoming?

EC: The inspiration came from recovering comforting elements in the space, such as natural elements: wood, natural stone, warm colours, terracotta… We selected the materials and ordered them. The whole house has the presence of these touches of colour in the living room with the upholstery of the Julia, in the bathroom with terrazzo. It was the perfect counterpoint, since before, the house had very classic furniture but dark and heavy, far from the harmony that Marisa needed.

Caliza Estudio Proyecto con Julia de Momocca
living room design furniture

M: Is that why you chose this particular configuration of the Julia Collection?

EC: Momocca brought harmony to the space because being modular it can adapt to any room without being invasive.

So we decided that the Julia would be the central piece of interior design. To highlight it, all the colours are lowered to a neutral tone and a bright red upholstery is added that attracts attention and at the same time gives more strength to the television furniture that together with the lamp, both living room furniture pieces at the living room, are the most special components of this interior design.

M: Now that you mention the lamp, it is one of the details that has most caught our attention in interior design. What is behind your choice?

EC: The lamp is placed in the meeting space because it picks up the space and unifies it. We have a living room, dining room and kitchen together. It is a diaphanous space and the dwelling needed a common thread, the Vertigo lamp is elegance, delicacy and proportion.

In addition, it creates blurred shadows that unify the spaces, “sewing” in a manner of speaking. These diffuse shadows create a very welcoming effect.

Baño vivienda Miami - Caliza Estudio

M: Finally, what was the most gratifying part of this project?

EC: Two projects are not the same in Caliza Estudio. It’s like a therapy, psychology. We empathize with the client, we see their needs and tastes; and everything the client conveys is translated into a project. In this case, Marisa was part of the project. She needed a push to open up again to life and that’s what we wanted to shape.

Hand over the house was the most important and emotional moment for us. Marisa was moved and when we were together we shed tears of joy. That is what we look for in our projects: emotion.

There is no better proof of a job well done than the emotion of the client.

We would like to thank Caliza Estudio for choosing the Julia Collection for living room design furniture and Lupe Clemente for her magnificent photography.