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Presentation of the New Dania Collection

Last week we presented the New Dania Collection, and we did it as the occasion deserved. In this case, the Dania Collection Event was included in Madrid Design Festival programme and with our partner Cosentino in its prestigious showroom.

The highlight of the presentation took place at the cocktail party we offered on Thursday 24th. We were surrounded by interior design professionals, media and, of course, friends! It was the best moment to present Dania; a set of chairs and tables with an organic design inspired by the waves of the sea.

Table with dekton surface Dania Collection

At last, the situation gave us a break and we returned to what we like to do most: live events where we meet new professionals, reconnect with old friends …. and of course, show our work: sophisticated furniture where curves and materiality take precedence over everything else.

Banco Colección Olga, Mesas Emma, Sala de espera.
Detalle panel tapizado, mueble televisión Colección Julia

Luxury guests

The event was attended by influential teams and important Spanish designers such as Fabián Ñíguez, Gabriel Castillo, Jose Manuel Ferrero, Tristán Domecq, Jaime Jurado or Jose Agenjo among others.

They confessed their impressions chatting amicably with us. Almost all eyes were on the main novelty incorporated by Momocca: the milled panel on the backrest of the chairs and on the legs of the Dania table.

Tristan Domecq en el evento de Momocca con Lourdes Coll
Jaime Jurado junto silla Dania de Momocca
Jose Agenjo interiorista en la presentación Momocca

Some of them shared their excitement to see a physical product that they already have planned in real projects. So, we will be able to see Dania in imminent projects.

But there will be time to talk about these developments, all in due time!

Interioristas Fabián Ñíguez, Gabo Castillo, Jaime Jurado en Evento Momocca

Supported by our friends

In addition, there were professionals who are already friends like Deleite Design, Tetris, Elena Molina, Carlos Castaño, ESM Interiores, Carolina Gall, FH Arquitectura… to whom we are very fond of for always trusting us and accompanying us on this wonderful journey.

They all agreed on the feeling of comfort that Dania transmits and, of course, offers.

JM Ferrero estudiHac + Momocca. Presentación Dania
événement Collection Dania

TV, Press… and us!

Witnessing everything that happened at the event were media outlets such as TVE’s Flash Moda, Teresa Herrero Living, Revista Diseño Interior and many more. They all agreed on the coherence of the brand in terms of design, seeing Dania as a whole with the previous collections. But Dania got all the praise.

Of course, the Momocca team couldn’t miss it! We travelled to Madrid to see Dania live and the result exceeded our expectations!

Medios Evento presentación momocca colección dania
Momocca team Dania Collection Event
mural Taruga Creaciones evento Momocca

Captivating art

The event was a moment full of joy and emotions, where art and design merged. And not only because we were in the Cosentino City of Madrid or because we had all our collections, but also because the artists from Taruga Creaciones were there to liven up the evening, creating a live hand-painted mural with a plant theme.

A subtle frame of leaves, to create a sense of depth and constant movement. Vegetation symbolises a source of positive energy, a haven of peace and harmony that “helps to reduce stress and improve moods”, add from Taruga, experts in making rooms more pleasant.

Cosentino presentación dania momocca

A magical evening that gives us a foretaste that 2022 is coming full of strength and many novelties. The Dania Collection Event is the first of the ones we have scheduled this year and it confirmed once again that design already has a fundamental role as an element that unites us, helps us and motivates us day by day.

Welcome Dania!

Momocca Design