Modular design

The traditional concept that has become innovative

This month we talk about innovation, and we do so with a very familiar concept: modularity.

How can you be both innovative and familiar? The answer to modular innovation lies in the design approach.

You may remember the typical modular furniture unit or that modular house that caught your eye because of how light it looked. Examples far removed from design and aesthetics, they only sought to fulfil their primary function. We were faced with industrial products manufactured on a large scale that adapted to the space, but not to the individual.

© Ignacio Berges
Antigua arquitectura modular
© Ignacio Berges
Evolución  del concepto modular

That is why today we express our love for the most innovative modularity. That which allows us to adapt concepts such as furniture and architecture to our needs and tastes. Modularity frees us from the static concept, it allows us to play with dimensions, colours, finishes. We lengthen it, we shorten it, we make it our own.

The modular component has advanced to become a component of sophisticated design, and we can already see it in fields such as architecture, furniture, decoration and even toys! Do you want to see how?

Modular architecture
new modular architecture momocca post
Casa Utrera modular h

Can a house be adapted to fit a person? Traditionally, the search for a home is a long process in which, visit after visit, we try to make the house what we are looking for and then we adapt it as much as possible, with the well-known and never-ending reforms. Well, an example of modular innovation in architecture and sophisticated design is casas inHAUS.

A most innovative proposal, in 5 months you can have a fully equipped home adapted to your taste.

Modular decoration
vases by maija puoskari momocca post
Modular innovation - innovación modular post

You can’t talk about modular decoration and not know Maija Puoskari. The premise is to always adapt the product to what the user is looking for, in this case, we have vases that are formed by rings of glass and wood.

The aim is that you can interchange the different pieces to play with heights and colours.

Modular innovation - innovación modular post

We can complete the decoration with Plato Design and its collection of Basic Twelve lamps.

A modular system that you can compose at will thanks to its magnetic sides. Each lamp has three sides with powerful magnets so that you can connect two or more lamps at the same time and to each other.

Once coupled, we have a single lamp with different positions to direct the light, so you can create your own light compositions.

Modular furniture
innovación modular mobiliario momocca colección julia
modular innovation momocca furniture momocca julia collection

It is obligatory in modular innovation to talk about furniture and to add two adjectives: unique and versatile. This is where we come into play.

Each collection of the firm responds to three major requirements that give a high value to its products: highly sophisticated designs with the ability to be fully configurable; catalogue of materials and finishes of excellent quality; and finally, local production as a responsibility.

You can configure any of our collections to go beyond their function. Change dimensions, colours, materials and make the most of your Momocca furniture

Juguete modular
Designlibero design
Animaze by desinglibero

The little ones can witness the innovation of modularity applied to their favourite toys.

Animaze, Ekaterina Shchetina and Libero Rutilo by DesignLibero. A set of upholstered animals that fit into wooden pieces. Thus, children have a giant puzzle that when detached from the wooden structure becomes a rocking chair, a table, a seat or a giant cuddly toy. After the game, the animals can and will stay together until the next adventure.


And what about you, do you know more examples of modular products? Do you now think that modular is innovative?

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