Interior design in Brussels

Combination of historical and modern

Momocca moves to Brussels to interview Isabel Gómez, from Isabel Gómez Interiors,, who shows us her passionate way of working through 2 projects in which she incorporates Momocca furniture.

Discover the inspiration of the Isabel Gómez Interiors team in this interview:

Momocca: What is Isabel Gómez’s inspiration when doing a project?

Isabel Gómez: Everything comes into play when it comes to inspiring a project: the client himself, the use of the space and the specific building.

But if I have to highlight one… people inspire me. In fact, we send a Style Questionnaire to the client. He tells us where he spends his time, what he does, his favourite colours and even his hobbies. Afterwards, we have a more personal meeting in which we look at what he says and especially at non-verbal communication. This reveals a lot of information.

Before creating the project, I imagine the client living inside, and I adapt him to this reality. Clients make an investment, and we must give them the best.

Momocca: What is the type of housing you like to work in like?

IG: Houses with character, with personality. Places that lend themselves to combining the old with the new. I love to incorporate more past details giving it a more modern touch.

Momocca: What about Momocca furniture? How it adapts to your style? 

IG: Well, it’s very much linked to the above. What I like most about your products is that they are timeless, they fit perfectly into a more classic interior design and a modern one. It is a product that offers many possibilities and also combines with many elements.

Momocca: Let’s talk about two projects. We started with project 7, what were you looking for with this proposal?

IG: I wanted to convey elegance. The client is a lawyer and called us to furnish with only one requirement: the furniture had to be of European origin. The part of the living room, where the Momoccas are located, is the social part, for friends and family.

Besides the aesthetic component, there is a functional part. An example is the case of the Julia, there are objects that I didn’t want to show, so the sliding panels help in this theme and with that particular colour it integrates perfectly in the living room. We chose a slightly darker wood tone that contrasts, but without being excessive.

Momocca: Let’s go to project 8, what can you tell us about it?

IG: This project is part of one of those buildings that we like since it dates back to 1898. In this case, the client buys the whole building and turns it into 3 duplexes. As you can see, here is an intense work and a total transformation.

Taking into account the history of the building, its high ceilings, the fireplace and even its door, we had no doubt that a Julia fit in there. Julia adapts to everything by reinventing the space. We are in front of a more classic space, and Julia breaks with that and offers at the same time a storage function that frames the fireplace, however, it is not something invasive. It allows the space to breathe, but at the same time, it is very functional. It also helps to integrate that more modern interior design in this historical environment.

Momocca: To conclude, what can we highlight about Isabel Gómez Interiors’ way of working? What is your philosophy?

IG: We follow a meticulous work philosophy. We are always guided by quality from the first minute; from our suppliers, all local or European, to our own studio.

We are all involved in the projects, and we all contribute ideas. The team is strong and united in each project. For this work to be applied 100%, the plan must fall in love with us. It sounds like a cliché, but if you fall in love with a project, the client can appreciate the result of these details.

All this is aimed at creating a relationship with customers that goes beyond the project; we do much more than decorating, we teach people how to live their space.

From Momocca we sincerely thank Isabel Gomez for the time dedicated to this interview and above all for trusting local brands like ours. The projects incorporate pieces by Adara and Adara light together with the Julia Collection. The images have been provided by the studio itself. Modern interior design in the home by Isabel Gómez Interiors (Brussels)

Momocca in this project