Lessons from a year marked by nature

Keys to interior design 2021 - 2022

We are nearing the end of 2021, a year that has undoubtedly marked a turning point in our interior design, we are now looking to be more sustainable, natural and aware of where we are. That is why we share these keys to interior design 2021 – 2022.

The major European events have positioned themselves in favour of trends that are committed to natural materials, such as stone, wood and even wicker. Materials that evoke the nature of simplicity without sacrificing elegance and sophistication.

We have compiled in this mag some details of 2021 that we are sure will continue to prevail in 2022.

casa decor suite holos
© Luis Hevia · Casa Decor

Natural materials

Slowdeco, Mediterranean, wabi sabi and other ways of seeking balance.

We can say this from our own experience. The dominance of these trends will continue in 2022. They all have the same point in common: the importance of natural materials.

Stone, wood, porcelain, real materials that also go very well with the idea of creating increasingly natural and sustainable spaces. This idea of returning to what is authentic and what really matters is complemented by a range of more neutral and even earthy colours.

The more vivid colours do not disappear, but are present to highlight certain elements of more powerful aesthetics, decorative objects, design elements, etc.

© Arquitectura Alonso Arias - Del Rio Bani
© Nendo · Takumi Ota


Green areas in the home.

Placing plants indoors has always existed. We are not discovering anything new, but we are going further. We want to incorporate nature into the home, and if they are green leafy plants, it is a contribution of colour and freshness, as we mentioned in the previous point.

But this is not about placing a potted plant in our living room. We are talking about landscaping our spaces, where concepts such as plant parenting will reign supreme. The key is to surround yourself with green plants on the ground, hanging, on shelves, creating small gardens indoors, combining them with each other and creating indoor gardens.

Inspiration: Starway by Nendo

Enhancing the value of craftsmanship

The authenticity of what is ours.

Craftsmanship and the value of our artisans has a lot to do with what we are talking about.

They fit in with the styles and colours described, they are products that come directly from nature and are treated in a much more personal, human and above all responsible way.

In a house in which we want everything to be natural and away from the toxic, we cannot miss handcrafted details in marble, wood, ceramics, and terracotta.

© Momocca

Versatility and uniqueness

Spaces and their possibilities are expanded.

The search for large and luminous spaces will be imperative. Trend is to have more open spaces, but without renouncing multifunctionality. The same area can be used for different purposes if we choose good room dividers.

Sideboards, shelves, screens, etc. The idea is to look for furniture that is not only functional but also versatile

© Momocca
© Momocca
© Momocca

These are the keys that we have observed this year and that we are sure will continue in 2022. But these are not isolated trends or decoration tips; the important thing is the lesson learned in general:

Everything described above rests based on being more aware of the moment we live in and of our own awareness of the place we inhabit.

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