8 projects to get inspired

The situation we are living change our way to work. Teleworking is not simply having a computer at home, it requires having a space which allows us to concentrate and exploit our creativity. But how to separate home and work in the same space? Find out in our special Home Office Projects.

A compilation of 8 interior design projects that dedicate a space in the house to professional life: Ramón Esteve, María Conesa, Zooco Estudio, Marisa Gallo, Kaleidoscope or The Room Studio among others, inspire us with their work:

1. Kaleidoscope, home office & studio in Valencia

Vicente Pons from Kaleidoscope studio had the challenge of dedicating an area of the house to the professional sphere without it being perceived as an office. To this end, he took advantage of the fact that the house was at the same height as the treetops outside to incorporate nature into the project. He added a floral wallpaper and the custom-made furniture, with that pink tone that contributes to the magnificent final result. Thus, this professional studio transmits warmth and becomes a perfect space to work

2. Zooco Estudio, JH House

Zooco Estudio proposes two different concepts in the same Home Office in this loft in Madrid.

The work space occupies almost the entire first floor, incorporating 2 work tables, one of them totally open. The wood is always a great ally when it comes to transforming the space into a cosy room.

2. Ramón Esteve, housing project La Cañada

This project had the great advantage of being a house located in a residential area surrounded by vegetation, so natural light is a constant in the spaces.

The location of the studio makes the most of this characteristic and is committed to the fluidity and continuity of the space. This is how the work area is integrated into the entire project, while maintaining its independence.

4. María Conesa, living room – home office

Maria Conesa showed us in this eclectic and contemporary interior design how the work space can be located in the same room of the house, despite being a place of the home traditionally destined to social life. This is achieved through the furniture, with a Julia in which the decorative elements are integrated in such a way that the same area can be a desk and an office, or a modular shelf in which to store memories that will bring life to this multi-purpose lounge.

5. Olmos Estudio, invisible Home Office 

Olmos estudio shows with this home office that it is not necessary to have a large space entirely dedicated to work.

In this case the desk is totally integrated in the room. This way, when the moment of work or study is over, the space is collected and the office goes to a second plane, invisible.

6. The Room Studio, housing project Josep Bertrand

The Room Studio sought to give elegance and sobriety to the house. For this reason, it dedicated a room to the study room that cares for harmony and lighting.

Colours traditionally associated with calm are chosen, such as green, present in the carpet with careful geometric details and the wardrobes.

7. Marisa Gallo, new studio

Interior designer Marisa Gallo plays with textures and materials in this work space. The liveliness of the outdoor nature is part of the interior design and combines perfectly with the wooden furniture. Counterbalancing this, we find the office area in neutral tones to match the wallpaper. Perfect balance that allows concentration.

8.  Isabel Gómez Interiors, residential project

In Isabel Gómez Interiors they play with the changes in dynamics by offering two clearly differentiated areas in the same home, giving more luminosity to the work space and soberer touch to the common areas.

What did you think of this selection of projects? It’s time to take ideas and create our own workspace. You’ve already seen in these wonderful home office projects that we can use a whole room just for our home office or even a part of the house like the living room or our bedroom!

Image credits:
– Ramón Esteve (Mariela Apollonio)
– Kaleidoscope (Germán Cabo)
– Zooco (Imagen Subliminal)

– Maria Conesa (David Frutos)
– Olmos Estudio (Diego Opazo)
– The Room Studio
– Isabel Gómez Interiors

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