Art, design and sustainability

Interior design in a house in Frankfurt

We travel to Frankfurt to enter a home whose interior design is based on the love of art, design and sustainability.  In it, the Adara sideboard has a lot to say.

Olga Alonso, co-founder and interior designer in Diseño Interior Bruto, explains it to us.

Momocca: What kind of project are we facing?

Olga Alonso: We were faced with a project to decorate a house in Frankfurt.

We started with a practically empty and diaphanous space in which we had to integrate living area, dining room and entrance.

The house had to adapt to the lifestyle of the clients: a young couple with small children.

They were looking for a house where they could identify themselves and where their concerns about art, design and sustainability could be reflected.

M: What was the inspiration for the interior design?

OA: After meeting the customers, we set the goal of creating a warm and calm space that would invite to be enjoyed. That would have a contemporary aesthetic with sophisticated touches.

We also took into account external factors such as the climate. Therefore, we needed to create a space that would connect the interior with the exterior of the house, that would radiate a relaxed optimism with notes of color in well-paced doses.

M: The interior has 3 fundamental components: noble materials, the presence of upholstery, and light touches of colour. How have you worked on this balance? 

OA:  With both the wood and the textiles we are looking for warmth, the sensation of a space that envelops us.

The wood, in its natural finish, serves as a great neutral base in this space. It is present throughout the space in the different pieces of furniture scattered around the living room.

With the textiles, we opted for neutral tones for the curtains, rugs and sofa.

The sofa, of Danish design, is dotted with pops of colour in the cushions, which are joined by the paintings. These energetic colours, very much present in nature, help us to connect with it.

M:  How does Momocca fit into this project?

OA: Momocca fits perfectly into this project, thanks to its respect for raw materials and the refined design of its pieces.

It was clear to us from the start that the Adara sideboard had to be the protagonist on that wall in this living room.

Adara’s design fits perfectly. Its organic lines blend into the space, and the Carrara marble top gives us that extra elegance and sophistication that we needed.

M: Finally, what role does the lighting play?

OA: We wanted to design an environment that, thanks to the decoration, would maximise the resources available to us. It was essential to design a space in which light would be maximised.

When it came to choosing luminaires, we decided on sculptural pieces for the ceiling (Vertigo Lamp), which would be noticeable but not overpowering. And for the auxiliary lighting, we opted for an iconic Miquel Milá floor lamp with a more sober design.

In this way we achieved total harmony.

Momocca would like to thank Olga Alonso and the Diseño Interior Bruto team for their time and trust for this housing project in Frankfurt.