5 details of Casa Decor 2021

Since Casa Decor opened its doors on 13 May, it has not stopped giving us numerous lessons in decoration and interior design. Today in our Casa Decor Diary we compile some of the most interesting ones we have been able to see:

1 Versatile designs.

Good design is a versatile design. You will see versatile spaces that serve several functions without having to compartmentalise the room.

This way the light flows and the feeling of spaciousness is greater. At Hölos space we have a room with a dressing room, desk, dressing table, another rest area, a bathroom area and even one for exercising.

Momocca suite U Interior Design Casa Decor
2 The influence of the pandemic, in a positive sense.

This edition is marked by covid, in the only good sense that this can have. We value our home more and it is no longer just where we sleep. It is now the centre of our lives.

So, in this issue we are going to see a lot of ideas for home offices, of all types and in different environments and even gyms or fitness areas.

But also, that need to be able to bring a little bit of nature into our home through indoor plants and flower centres.

Space: La Redoute – Mónica Garrido

Momocca Singular Living Casa Decor 2021
3 Mix of styles.

In this editions we see many spaces that evoke tranquillity, however, if something distinguishes Casa Decor is its wide catalogue of interior designs,.

We have the art deco style in the Singular Living space, an authentic trip to the 20s that will make us feel like the Great Gatsby for a day.

In addition, you can also see fun spaces such as the VG Living “Missing a kiss” or Alberto Aranda‘s space that invites us to dream like children again.

4 Authentic craftsmanship.

In Casa Decor 2021, craftsmanship is that art that we should not lose, practically all the spaces of Casa Decor have some handcrafted piece in all its spaces, although if we must highlight one it would be without a doubt the space of Miguel Muñoz about the crafts in Castile la Mancha.

The inspiration for this space comes from “the unique products rooted in the noblest and most popular tradition of La Mancha craftsmanship, distancing us from all things industrial and bringing us closer to the artistic and renewed creations of our artisans”.

An oasis of authenticity.

Space: Artesanía Castilla La Mancha – Miguel Muñoz

Casa Decor
casa decor 2021
5 Sustainability at the forefront

One of the most important details of Casa Decor 2021 is its goal of sustainability. That is why all the spaces use recyclable and reusable materials. The idea is that everything you see at Casa Decor has a longer useful life than the exhibition itself.

For our part, we have already assigned a home to most of our furniture so that it continues to add moments and stories that we will surely tell you soon.

Space: Latidos – Javier Escobar

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