U Interior Design space: Hölos

A suite dedicated to health and well-being.

We enter the Hölos suite, the space designed by U Interior Design in Casa Decor 2021. A room designed for our body and mind to enjoy an environment of calm and wellbeing in which Momocca collaborates thanks to the Julia, Olga and Emma Collections.

Pilar Garcia de Gonzalo and Silvia Guzman, interior designers from U Interior Design, reveal all the secrets of the space.

Hölos space U Interior Design

Momocca: Our first question is mandatory. What does Hölos mean?

UI: Hölos comes from Holistic, for the total integration of design elements. All parts in the interior design are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

M: About the inspiration for the space, how did the idea of bringing wellness to Casa Decor come about?

UI: Normally we usually spend 80% of the time in our homes and now with the pandemic we have been 100% of the time.

Thereafter, we realised that we need a space that is not only beautiful, but that must be well thought out, designed and decorated, but that also helps us to relax and that is positive for our body and mind.

We have based ourselves on the WELL certification, which reflects all these points, as well as others.


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M: How do you manage to turn a room in a classic building like this into a healthy space dedicated to health and wellbeing without neglecting the design?

UI: The most important thing is to be clear about the concept you want to achieve. We have a particularly good base because of the structure of the building. We adapted it to a modern aesthetic through the materials that envelope our space: furniture, fabrics, and above all with the air and lighting.

We wanted the space to renew its air through natural ventilation and biophilia, where plants are responsible for purifying the air we breathe. On the other hand, it was especially important to have good lighting, as light helps us to have a physiologically relaxed mind and to wake up with a better feeling of rest.

M: To achieve this wellness feel, how have you worked with the colour palette in the layout, the intention of each area and its functionality in the space?

UI: The chosen colour palette is based on the earthy and natural, giving those touches of pink, which has properties to heal pain and sadness, which restores youth and favours reflection and meditation. It is a concept of relaxing colours that help you connect with nature and yourself.

Our space is divided into two very distinct areas, the corridor, and the bedroom. The corridor is the reflection of what we live day by day and the room is our wellness corner, divided into several areas:

Sleeping area, where the bed is. The idea is that to sleep, you arrive, close yourself and relax looking at the artwork that is inspired by three volatile elements and precious moments that nature gives us: pink skies, intertwined clouds, and the full moon.

Behind this is the wellness area with the dressing table and dressing room, the bathtub, in which you can take a relaxing bath surrounded by nature. Finally, next to the window, we have the fitness area for meditation and yoga.

M: Although the room is very open-plan, could we say that you have relied on the furniture to delimit the areas mentioned above?

UI: The concept was clear from the beginning, but it has helped us a lot that the furniture could be adapted and customised according to the project. So we modified the configurations according to what each area needed at that moment; in the case of Julia, to convert it into a dressing room and vanity all together; Emma supports the rest area with two different configurations that serve as a bedside table; and Olga serves as a small auxiliary pouf and a barefoot stand.

M: What do you want to achieve with the contrasts between volumes, shapes, and colours?

UI: That contrast is the definition of what we live every day and what we really need to achieve, which is health and wellbeing.

M: How does Momocca fit into the philosophy of this space?

UI:  Momocca’s furniture is made of noble materials, with woods, marble, metals, and fabrics made from recycled material.

Apart from the materials used, it also fits in because of the organic shapes that adapt perfectly to our philosophy.

We would like to thank Pilar, Silvia, and all the U Interior Design team for their time for this interview, as well as their confidence in having chosen us for their space at Casa Decor 2021. Photography by Germán Cabo.

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