Furniture made from plastic waste

Once again, we are talking about technology and sustainability united by design to present The Elements, a collection of sustainable beach furniture designed by The New Raw.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the sea. Today in our magazine we are going to the beach! Are you ready?

mobiliario de playa sostenible by the new raw

The Elements, a sustainable walk on the seashore

The studio offers us a limited-edition series consisting of three very interesting products: the fitting room, the footpath, and the sunbed.

What is the best thing about it? In addition to their aesthetic design, the pieces are made from recycled marine plastic waste.  So, our beaches can look neat, stylish and above all well-kept.

sustainable beach furniture by the new raw

These esigns are inspired by the elements and sensations found by the sea, such as waves, sand dunes and even seashells. This marine essence is also found in the two colours: Aqua and Sand, which emulate the blue of the sea and the brown of the sand.

A marvellous staging that evokes the soft, pleasant shapes and the peace that the murmur of the sea transmits.

magazine momocca the elements by the new raw

The essence of The New Raw

The Elements Collection is just one example of what The New Raw does. A research and design studio based in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

The architects Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki have been putting design at the service of the circular economy since 2015, giving a new lease of life to discarded materials through design.

Panos Sakkas y Foteini Setaki

In this case, aware of the importance of the sea and its problems with plastics, they decided to create a set of useful objects with a very friendly aesthetic made from recycled plastic.

It seems to us to be a story of true poetic justice; plastic is no longer a problem for our oceans, but a solution for our beaches.

sustainable beach furniture sunbeds by the new raw

How to achieve this?

Innovation and technology always subordinated to sustainability. This collection is entirely created with 3D printing. In the studio, they design a product that meets the quality standards while trying to create a simple product that does not cause problems for the user with its assembly. Subsequently, 3D printing produces the parts and the assembly is carried out.

the fitting room by the new raw

The New Raw develops its own techniques that mix the handmade with the digital in each of their projects, so they can transform waste into incredible and 100% circular products.

What do you think of The Elements? For us, it was love at first sight; a curved design that seeks to provide solutions and on top of that, sustainable! Our seas have always been a source of inspiration, maybe soon we will see this sustainable beach furniture on our cities as it already happens in Greece, it would be great, wouldn’t it?

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