New materials in the textile industry

Design and sustainability come together in April’s magazine post with this innovative material that promises to revolutionise sectors such as fashion and furniture: vegan leather made from cactus.

Desserto Cuero Vegano post momocca

That’s it! cactus leather! The geniuses behind this idea are Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, who, from their farm in Mexico, use the nopal cactus to create Desserto.

This fabric comes from cultivated cactus, making it 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

No chemicals or toxic products used in its cultivation. Of course, the water resources needed are minimal.

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Desserto Vegan Leather post momocca

This commitment to sustainability is transformed into a strong, thick fabric in a wide range of colours and textures. This is excellent news for the fashion, furniture, and even automotive sectors, as it has the technical specifications they require.

Harvesting is totally responsible as it respects the intrinsic nature of the cactus: every 7 to 8 months the mature leaves are cut off, allowing the rest of the cactus to grow and regenerate at a natural rate.

These leaves are cleaned, cut, and crushed, and after drying in the sun, the material that will be suitable for textiles is selected and the leftover is sold to the food industry, thus generating 0 waste.

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Desserto Cuir végétal post momocca

How did this idea come about? Both Adrián and Marte are entrepreneurs who have linked their careers to the aforementioned industries. They experienced first-hand the tremendous environmental impact they can generate if they do not work efficiently.

An idea that has already become a reality through products that these entrepreneurs are selling: bags, clothes and even furniture!

Do you notice any difference between traditional leather and Desserto in this seat?

Mobiliario con cuero de cactus
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This idea has already inspired many other companies by looking to create new materials more sustainables. And also motivates existing ones to create responsible alternatives in line with today’s social demands.

At Momocca, textile materials are one of the most important materials. So we are always aware of the new developments in the sector in terms of sustainability. Aware that every year the textile industry is one of the industries that produces the most waste, we select manufacturers who collect, classify, and reuse their waste, giving it a second chance.

Will we see a new Momocca collection with Desserto textiles? We will keep track of this promising idea that proves once again that design is not incompatible with sustainability and responsible behaviour.

Images: Desserto.com

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