FIRST COMES LOVE. At Momocca, we believe design is a matter of love, and so we’ve developed our own product focus and style. We create furniture with sentimental value that can surprise, excite and keep you company. Each piece is designed to offer greater comfort and improve a room’s quality by giving it emotion, because people are the most important thing to us.


THEN COMES TECHNIQUE. Our mission is to create extraordinary furniture combining comfort, sophistication and innovation. When the objective is clear, the road to get there draws itself and is a common path that guides every one of our design concepts. This path is made up of four common denominators that are present in all our work, and Momocca believes these define our understanding of furniture:


Design lovers not only look for elegance and excellence in the shapes and materials of their furniture, but also the functionality and adaptability that allows pieces to be tailored to their needs.

That’s why our customers can use our modular system to configure the size, colour and finishes of all our furniture.


We support innovation and technology by designing furniture with and for dynamic, innovative and curious people… Just like you: You enjoy fashion and trends but also demand the highest quality in everything around you.

That’s why we create avant-garde furniture using state-of-the-art technology and the latest design trends, always looking to innovate with shapes and materials.


Every individual is defined by their character and personality – it’s what makes them unique. Just like people, a piece of furniture needs character and details to make it unique. Momocca creates furniture with a strong character, spirit and exquisite details. Our dream furniture is capable of transforming any space into a unique and extraordinary room full of sophistication.


Last but not least: longevity. Just like good literature, Momocca’s furniture has a timeless quality; its ranges and designs stay desirable over the years.