Keys to an ideal environment

Lately we have read a lot of post about creating a space to work at home, but what about our free time? For us, enjoying our home and spending quality time doing what we love is just as important,

Today we give you the keys for creating a reading corner in your home.  We do not need a lot of square metres to do so, but we do need to bring together certain elements and environmental conditions to fully enjoy our moment of relaxation:

1 Good light for reading

The most important thing is to find a place in our home that not only gives us peace and quiet, but is also well lit.

If you do not have many hours of light, you can get a table lamp or a floor lamp, much better if they are dimmable light to adapt the light to the needs of each moment and protect your eyesight.

2. A good seat

The key to looking after our health and our reading habit.

The main element to create our reading corner will be a good seat that takes care of our reading position.

Creating a reading corner - momocca

You have several options: an armchair with a pouf to rest your feet, a bench, a chaise lounge chair or even your favourite sofa as long as it allows you to maintain an ergonomic posture.

Julia by Momocca
Adara by Momocca
3 A reading table? Of course.

Another element you may not have thought of is a side table next to your reading seat. As well as completing the space in an aesthetic way, it will help us to rest our favourite book and why not a good cup of tea or coffee.

4 The library at home

For those who have a good library, the reading corner is the ideal place to place a bookshelf and have the books located in the same place. This will make finding them quick and easy.

crear un rincón de lectura con momocca
Emma by Momocca

If you have a small selection of essential titles or you opt for electronic devices, a half-height shelf is enough to organise your books and can be completed with soft decoration to create a relaxed atmosphere.

How does Momocca help you build your corner? You have the poufs from the Olga Collection, the side tables from the Emma Collection that you can combine with each other and with your space and of course the bookcases from the Julia Collection. Remember that we can adapt them to your needs.

Créer un coin lecture - les détails
5 Little essentials

Good lighting, good arrangement of furniture, it seems that we have it all. To finish adapting the reading corner, we need those little details that, without being fundamental, will help to create a more pleasant environment.

We are talking for example about a blanket and even a rug for our feet, another detail to improve our comfort will be a cushion for our lower back. Finally, try adding some indoor plants, which, in addition to purifying the air, will give a much more welcoming aesthetic to the space.

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