The Contract (r)evolution

3 experts tell us what is happening.

We are living a real (r)evolution of contract interior design. No more aseptic professional spaces without personality.

This is what Virgina Gasch interior designer and founder of Vg Living, Noelia Nova Sales Manager in Orsal and Sara Sánchez founder and interior designer in Dobleese tell us.  Our trio of contract aces

Virgina Gash - VG Living

M: Virginia, in your opinion, where is contract interior design heading?

VG: Residential sector is marked by minimalist interior design, in white tones and rounded lines. On the contrary, contract interior design goes more hand in hand with the project and does not always respond to the trend of the moment.

The objective of contract interior design is more and more focused on senses and emotions, on making the client live an experience that is memorable and that inspires and connects them with the values of the brand.

M: What are the keys that you would highlight to “domesticate” a contract space?

VG: The first thing is to understand the space and the target audience, its functionality. From there the key is to create a concept that transmits and reaches the end customer.

A creative concept that materializes with the different textures of the coverings and textiles, with furniture that attracts and surprises you.

M: What detail is never missing in your contract interiors?

VG: Without a doubt, motifs, and colors from nature, green through plants, preferably natural, but also artificial. They connect you with nature and bring light and vitality to the space, they also combine with all kinds of styles and magnify the result.

M: A reference that has revolutionized the contract sector and that inspires you.

VG: Without a doubt, for me the benchmark for contract is Lázaro Rosa Violan, I am fascinated by all his projects full of creativity and personality.

M: Virginia, a word to sum up your interior design.

VG: The word that best defines us is soul because we like to create spaces that tell stories, that catch you and make you feel.

Contract design by VG Living
Contract interior design by VG Living

© Diagonal Port, communal areas, by VG Living (more)

Sara Sanchez · Dobleese

M: What materials help you the most when it comes to transmitting warmth or a sense of well-being in offices, Sara?

SS: When we take on an order for a corporate project, the concern that users have for “feeling at home” has made us reflect on the materiality and, above all, the tone and appearance of the finishes.

That’s why the operational or contract furniture firms have evolved to more familiar materials and textures and where ergonomics is not only measured by whether you have a good operational chair at your workstation.

M: Do you think the products on the market now meet this more homely trend?

SS: There is a clear inspiration from home furniture in contract furniture manufacturers, sometimes it is even impossible to define that line.

However, it is something that allows us as designers to maintain a wide range of equipment for our clients.

M: What are your general keys to “domesticate” a contract space?

SS: We carry out a detailed analysis together with the client. we want to get to know the professional and the personal side of the client. First one tells us about his modus operandi at work and the second tells us about who he is, what he likes…. In that alloy is one of the keys to familiarize a project.

M: As an expert, do you think this trend is passing or is it here to stay?

SS: More and more clients are asking us to incorporate rest areas, multi-purpose rooms, areas for family fitness, etc. It is the present and the future of contract.

This trend of domesticated spaces has helped the common welfare in all aspects.

M: Sara, could you tell us a reference that comes to mind when you think of this kind of interiors?

SS: You only must look at the projects of the big brands to realize how their designs have been evolving towards friendly, comfortable, functional, and efficient spaces.

Oficinas centrales by dobleese
Importaco by Dobleese

© Central Offices · Importaco by Dobleese (more)

Noelia Nova - ORSAL

M: What materials help you the most when it comes to transmitting warmth or a sense of wellbeing in the office?

NN: Natural materials and biophilic elements are undoubtedly the key. Using warm and neutral colors with small notes of color. Lighting is also essential when it comes to feeling good, it is becoming more and more important every day.

M: Noelia, do you think that the products on the market now meet this more homely trend?

NN: People are demanding more and more spaces with personality; spaces where you feel “at home”, spaces that welcome you and make you feel comfortable. Brands have had to adapt to the new trends and needs demanded of them.

M: What are your general keys to “domesticate” a contract space?

NN: Natural materials such as wood, jute, natural fabrics; all present in products with more harmonious and warm shapes. People are increasingly paying more attention to design and value seeing the essence of the company represented in the space, whether it is a corporate space, a restaurant, or a hotel.

M: As an expert, do you think this trend is temporary or is here to stay?

NN: It is here to stay; I think there is still a lot of evolution and changes to come as we are at the beginning. We must see how companies and countries cope with these changes and with them change the spaces and products that are part of this “new era”.

M: Noelia could you tell us a reference that comes to your mind when you think of this interior?

NN: One of the first brands, I think, was Vitra, which has been betting on these spaces for many years.

There are many studios and I believe that each one has adapted to its client portfolio, contributing its keys to this type of spaces. Possibly I would highlight the author studios, which work in a more intimate way and advocate for more innovative spaces.

Oficinas Valencia por Orsal
Oficinas Orsal - Interiorismo oficina

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