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How to choose the doors of Adara sideboard? Differences according to functionality.

Have you ever thought about how a detail like choosing the doors of a sideboard can determine a whole piece?

Sideboards have become a must inside the home and Adara can be your allied collection. But do you know what function your sideboard will have? What kind of objects will it store? Here are some tips to choose the Adara door based on functionality and even aesthetic criteria.

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Plain doors:

As you can see, they are totally opaque and include a half height shelf inside. The shelf can be removed if you need more storage. In addition, the door incorporates the Push to Open system, with which you can open the door with a little finger pressure.

When to opt for smooth doors?

Smooth doors are the ideal choice if you want to preserve the interior from external threats while completely hiding the objects inside.

It also allows more storage freedom for objects of all sizes.

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Grooved doors:

As its name suggests, this type of door incorporates a grooved detail. In addition, as the smooth doors also include a half height shelf and the Push to Open system.

When should you choose slotted sideboard doors?

If your selection is dominated by details of appearance and shape, this is your solution. Grooved doors are very aesthetic and different from the typical established.

They are perfect for storing devices with a wireless option, as they do not cut off the signal.

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Doors with drawers:

If you prefer drawers to doors, Adara also offers this type of option. The drawers, in this case, are arranged with hidden guides and a cushioned brake to smooth the movement.

When to opt for drawers?

Opting for drawers is the best option for optimising space. It allows a much more efficient storage and a more comfortable access to the objects inside.

Ideal for smaller objects that you want to classify without having to group them all in the same space.

All our Adara have these options. Now you only have to think about which function is the most important when choosing the doors of the sideboard. Are you looking for compartmentalisation of space? An aesthetic detail that also does not cut off the signal of your devices? Protecting your storage from the outside?

Remember that we are here to help you. If you still have any doubts, contact us for personal advice.

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