Charles and Ray Eames

Curiosity and enthusiasm dedicated to design

It is impossible to talk about relevant people in the world of design and not mention Charles and Ray Eames. The Eames couple revolutionised product design by creating innovative pieces that are still design icons today.

Charles y Ray trabajando
Charles y Ray Eames
The perfect match

Their history and success are in part determined by their own personal history. They met at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1940, at which time Charles was working as a teacher, also heading the industrial design department, and Ray was continuing her studies in abstract painting, while also studying other artistic areas.

Only one year later they got married, and together they walked a path full of successes and innovative approaches in the field of design.

A perfect balance between Charles’ technological perspective and Ray’s more creative and plastic vision that resulted in products that sought to democratise design and make the world a better place to live in.

In their own words ” We want to make the best for the most for the least”.

Charles y Ray Eames

Their greatest contribution was the revolutionary use of plywood that would evolve into the creation of the Kazam machine for moulding wood through geometric patterns.

Thus, in 1945 the Plywood chair was introduced, “the chair of the century” according to the renowned architecture critic Esther McCoy.

Later the Rocking Chair made of fibreglass and plastic would be presented. A simple design that led it to become one of the most influential products of the 20th century. It was followed by Plastic Chair, Chaise or Wire Lounge, among others.

Creations admired as much for their commercial success as for their technical innovations

Lounge Chair Eames by Vitra
Eames house
Eames House, from challenge to home

In 1949 they designed the “Eames House“, also called Case Study no. 8, as part of an Arts & Architecture magazine challenge to designers.

This house was to become their definitive home and a focus for creativity and innovation that led it to become a landmark of modern architecture in the mid-20th century.

Today, this house museum is a National Historical Monument and a source of pilgrimage for thousands of design lovers.

Eames house
Timeless icons

Charles and Ray’s work was as wide as their creativity, from home and office furniture to toys, all in pursuit of the goal of positively impacting on people’s lives and environments.

A spirit almost described as adventurous in which the couple put their curiosity and enthusiasm into creating innovative products for a better world.

Modern, functional design pieces that are not lacking in sophistication. Designs with simple yet slender lines that marked, and still mark, an era.


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