Casa Tesoro by Cenza Studio

Interiors for sharing

Cenza Studio & Deco open the doors of a a home designed to be shared, loved and lived.

The studio designs an interior that oscillates between calm and comfort, but with a fun and carefree touch.

Momocca: What kind of project is this?

Cenza Interiorismo: We were dealing with a home that aspired to have an interior to share and spend time pleasantly.

However, the rooms were not adapted to this reality. So we decided to give the whole house a makeover to create a comfortable and practical place that was also fun and relaxing.

M: How do you get a home to convey all these emotions?

CI: The key is balance. In the living room, for example, a multitude of elements coexisted, we had to achieve a dialogue that flowed between the furniture, the fireplace and the staircase.

We also played with transparency, with the Julia bookshelf and the staircase. We opted for this wallpaper to balance the materials and textures used.

Mueble de diseño Momocca

M: If we focus on the furniture, why did you choose Momocca?

CI: The space had very specific needs, we were fleeing from the rigidity of forms and impersonality. We needed furniture that stood out for its fun and casual lines, but had the quality of the furniture of yesteryear, made with love and the best materials.

The sideboard and the small tables form a cosy corner near the fireplace where the family can tell the anecdotes of the day and day. We have two Julia configurations, a bookcase and a desk, because even moments of concentration are less tiring if they are done in company.

Estantería y escritorio Julia by Momocca | Cenza
Estantería Julia Momocca con paneles

M: The house mixes a casual and fun style with more personal and sophisticated places. How do you achieve this?

CI: The key is to design for whoever inhabits the space. For example, the whole house is connected by a specific palette of colours and textures. From there it adapts to the function of the space.

The master bedroom includes all of this in its design, while the youth bedroom is more daring and carefree. But both are connected by the main thread of interior design.

Proyecto Cenza | Casa Tesoro dormitorio juvenil
Proyecto Cenza | Casa Tesoro dormitorio principal

On the other hand, the kitchen integrates these same colours and textures. This area is more practical so we thought about a practical design that does not renounce to elegance.

Lighting, wooden slats and natural paper used add warmth to a space dominated by porcelain tiles.

Although they are very different rooms, they are still connected to each other.

Proyecto Cenza | Casa Tesoro

Momocca would like to thank Cenza for their confidence in Momocca, especially Maite Serna and Sandra López for their time and resources for this interview. Photography: Cenza Studio & Deco.