Art, design and a lot of love

This is Ana Milán's new home with Momocca touches

Spanish actress Ana Milán has a new home. Her most intimate refuge in Madrid is full of memories, works of art and lots of love.

In this very special home, we are extremely proud to say that Momocca has its own space. Specifically, Ana Milán chose the Dania Collection, which will accompany the actress in her meetings, dinners, and gatherings or during her working hours. We are talking about the dining table and the office table together with their respective chairs.

Así es la nueva Casa de Ana Milán

© Diego Martinez for AD Magazine – Ana Milán with Dania by Momocca desk table

Real home

With the help of the prestigious interior designer Fabián Ñíguez, Ana Milán has created a home that combines Parisian style with baroque touches, specially designed to welcome her friends.

In its May special, AD Spain magazine tells us what this designer house is like and what secrets it hides, along with a series of videos that will be published in which the actress herself takes us on a tour.

The first thing we see is that the house breathes naturalness and design, we can appreciate the good taste of the actress for everything handmade and “real”.

This house has meant a vital change for her; it has been a very emotional process and we had to design it as the definitive home where she could receive her friends`` Fabián Ñíguez.
Fabián Ñiguez

Dania by Momocca comedor casa Ana Milán

© Diego Martínez for AD Magazine – Dania table by Momocca in front of Rue Babylone Gold paper by Coordonnée

Zona de trabajo Dania

© Diego Martinez for AD Magazine – workspace with Dania by Momocca desk & chair.

Essences of the past that with current vibes

The living room takes us back to an Art Deco era between the design of the Dania table and chair in conjunction with the Rue Babylone Gold wallpaper by Coordonnée.

Another highlight of the house is the office, where we can see Dania showing off her ability to adapt, as it was configured with a smaller dimension adapted to a desk.

The location of the desk allows Ana Milán to have total control of what is going on in her living room:

It's where I sit to work, to study, to read, to make collages, (...) I'm almost the Godfather here, I control everything`` Ana Milán.
Ana Milán

Next to the living room, another of the places in the house with soul is the kitchen, in Calacatta marble by Neolith, and the more private areas, such as the bedrooms and a hidden dressing room. In all areas of the house, light and wellbeing are the focus:

I always say that this house is a lake house. To me it generates a lot of calm, it's the light, the spaces...
Ana Milán

You can see these areas in the first published video of AD Magazine’s “Open Doors”.

As you can see, it is a house with a lot of personality, just like the actress herself. We are proud to have been chosen to accompany her in her most important moments.

Vivienda Ana Milán diseño Fabián Ñiguez - Revista AD

© Diego Martínez for AD Magazine – Ana Milán with Dania dining table by Momocca

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