The 3 agile office areas

The keys to the distribution of space

Offices have changed, it is a reality.

People need spaces at our service and, in addition to this, spaces that connect, promote our wellbeing and make our day-to-day lives easier.

Therefore, in order to build offices that respond to the new needs we have in the work environment, we need the mental map of the 3 agile areas of the office:

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1. Social Area

A large space for moments of high interaction between employees.

This space should be oriented towards being a friendly and welcoming place that invites participation.

Access to this area should be easy, as translucent as possible, so that it is inviting to enter.

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2. Team Area

An area prepared to give functionality to the space, with a domestic touch furniture adaptable to what is needed at the moment.

Meetings, chats, meetings, customer service. This area of the office must be able to respond quickly to any team activity.

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3. Concentration Area

Silence, privacy, reserved space.

The place where the individual activity of each person takes place has to favour one’s own productivity, taking care of the acoustics is essential in these spaces.


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We have summarised what agile office areas are in this practical post. In addition to knowing this mental map there are also other tips that are highly recommended to achieve offices that respond to the needs of the people who inhabit them, such as for example:

  • Light.
  • Chromatics of the spaces.
  • Design of the office furniture.
  • Acoustics.

There are many factors that intervene and shape the space, beyond choosing a desk or an office chair. So we recommend that, if you are interested in learning more about how to make offices connect with people, you should download this ebook.

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We want to help offices to be spaces with agile and accessible areas, homey furnishings and that make the people who enjoy them happy every day.

If offices could talk, they would ask you to read this guide. Don’t miss it!

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