Visiting the exhibition from home

Casa Decor launches, for the first time in its history, a fantastic initiative: a virtual 360° tour so that we can see its fantastic exhibition from home.

It is a complete tour of all the spaces in the house, making you travel to more than 60 spaces from the comfort of your living room. A full sensory experience that allows you to visit the most stunning interior designs of one of the most important exhibitions in Spain.

One of the spaces you can see is Lost in Translation from Gira, designed by The Room Studio

How to get to space

Casa Decor is composed of 5 floors; each floor has left and right-wing. Many of you had asked us to visit the space; this is the perfect occasion to do so!

If you want to access directly, look in the miniature of our space (Espacio Gira) and click. If you want to take a walk, go to the First Floor, the first thing that appears is the fantastic hall designed by Fabián Ñíguez. Turn to the left and you will find a green room in the background, go to it, to the Sunbrella Lobby Space.

In addition to the Lobby, you can see the utopian Hansgrohe Spa and the elegant Jose Lara men’s room. From the Lobby, you can see the corridor ESNE, and in the background, an arrow indicating that you have arrived at the Coton et Bois room where an olive tree presides over the room, incredible isn’t it?

Then we go to the Artemade & Gemar library, a place that invites to reflection and reading. Finally, the library guides you to the Touring Space.

© Germán Cabo · Momocca

Welcome to the space in which we collaborate!

As you can see, it’s a very sober and elegant space. The light changes as the day or the guest’s mood changes thanks to Gira’s home automation. In the same room, you can see several environments, such as the desk area, the rest area, reading area…

If you go to the background, you can see the part destined to the bedroom. The bedside tables, from the Emma collection, are located on each side of the bed. If you look, you can see that, although they are from the same collection, they are very different. On the left, you can see the dresser from the Julia collection. A shelving solution collection, which has been completed this time with coatrack and mirror.

Both collections bring together the natural elements present in the room: wood, metal and natural stone. In this way, everything fully integrated with the idea and philosophy conveyed in this space.

We encourage you to continue enjoying freely the tour, in which you discover unique spaces of different styles, from Art Deco to the lunar landscape!

If you liked this virtual tour, remember that Casa Decor has not closed definitively, but it is a temporary closure, returning with more strength than ever, but in the meantime. How about a trip to the heart of the House?


Image Credits: Visita Virtual Casa Decor | Germán Cabo

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