Interior design in the Gira space: The Room Studio at Casa Decor

A space that will have Momocca furniture

There are few days to open Casa Decor and more details are being revealed. The most expected are the interior designers who will decorate the 64 spaces that compose this 55th edition. One of these interior designers is The Room Studio, the studio that chose our furniture for its proposal called “Lost in Translation”

The Room Estudio, the harmony of space.

There will be time to talk about “Lost in Translation” space. Today we focus on the studio led by Mertixell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech. A team of professionals dedicated to “making their clients’ dreams come true”.  And so, with this promising headline, is how one of the most prestigious studios in Barcelona presents itself.

For this studio with more than 20 years of experience, interior design must always go beyond aesthetics, it must provide added value to the client in the form of a harmonious space for wellbeing.

An interior designer, mainly, what he should do or what he tries to do, is to organize the space where you live, adapt it to your needs and make that environment or space where you are going to live as harmonious and balanced as possible

Mertixell Ribé

How does this philosophy fit in at Casa Decor?

The Room Studio is the studio in charge of the space for Gira, a home automation company that is committed to design and sustainability. With this edition, Gira adds up to 8 participations showing how technology is capable of being integrated in unique spaces.

And if there is someone capable of integrating home automation and design, it is The Room Studio. You only have to see their showroom Espai Paris, in Barcelona, to see how these elements are combined in a way that is capable of transmitting feelings and sensations.

“Home automation is comfort; we try not to talk about technology but about comfort. What home automation brings to you (…) a level of sensations that you could not have with a conventional installation (…). We work with sensations and only home automation can give you that.” Josep Puigdomènech.

The Room Studio and Momocca

Knowing that the space at Casa Decor, The Room Studio did not hesitate to select our furniture for its proposal through the Julia and Emma Collections.

This was not a choice left to chance. The relationship between Momocca and The Room Studio has already been seen in other projects such as the Josep Bertrand House. Our design furniture fits perfectly into a philosophy that both companies share:

The care of the detail to adapt each project to the style and needs of the client, the use of new materials and the bet for the contemporary without renouncing to the elegance taking the design as a differentiating element.

Very similar lines of style that come together again in this edition of Casa Decor and that we are sure will surprise you.

Credit images: Casa Decor Blog: Profesionales de la edición Casa Decor 2020 and The Room Studio website. Quotes form interior designers have been taken from the Room Studio corporate video.

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