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Inspiration from nature to create ``nests`` of wellbeing

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A new Aedas Homes flagship store surprises us with its more than 1,300 m² of design. A new project that seeks to surprise and offer the customer a new shopping experience.

Silvia G. Tortosa, director of design and interior design at Aedas, and Joaquin Puget, architect of the Flagship, tell us the keys to this retail interior design and how Momocca fits into this project.

Aedas Flagship (I)

Momocca: What is the aim of this new Flagship?

Silvia G. Tortosa: The AEDAS Homes Flagship aims to surprise and offer the customer a new shopping experience.

A design space where they can find multiple options for personalisation as well as equipment and services.

The space is divided into two floors and an outdoor area. In the central area, and as the hub of the space, we have an area dedicated to the brand values and the commitment of AEDAS.

dania designer kitchen table
Aedas Home Flagship Kitchen Inspiration - Dania Table by Momocca
Dania table dans cuisine

M: What was the inspiration for this project?

Joaquín Puget: We have taken AEDAS Homes’ main mission of creating housing to the most direct and natural metaphor.

We decided to take nature in birds and the construction of their nests as the guiding thread of  home.

Aedas Flagship (VI)

M: Why did you choose Momocca?

SGT: The Dania Table won me over with its unique design, and we chose it in wood to give warmth to the space.

The Adara sideboard seemed to us to be the perfect piece for a large meeting room, as its linear design blends in perfectly with the space. It is functional and has a very clean and attractive aesthetic.

And we liked the Julia sideboard for its lightness and modern design, but at the same time special and delicate with its rounded corners. We placed it in the entrance of the show home and found it to be the perfect piece because it doesn’t clutter the space.

In addition, it is perfect to accompany two pieces by the artist Débora Sánchez Viqueira.

mueble elegante para oficina Adara by Momocca
Detalle aparador Julia de Momocca

M: To what do we owe this presence of colours inspired by nature?

S&J: Neutral colours help to create a clean, timeless base, which is maintained over time and helps to enhance the naturalness of the spaces. If we combine it with textiles and wood, we get a warm and cosy space.

Once the bases have been created, we choose more marked pieces, or textiles with greater prominence to give character to the space.

Vegetation is always present in AEDAS Homes projects and if they are large in size, all the better to give it that exotic, fresh, colourful and natural look that we are always looking for.

Plants provide more than just colour. They have multiple benefits by mitigating the urban effects.

Aedas Home Flagship

M: How have you worked with light to help achieve this enveloping and welcoming effect?

S&J: We worked on three phases of light:

First, we worked on the general lighting to create a pleasant ambience of ambient light that would unify the whole space and integrate everything.

On the other hand, we sought to highlight the ‘nests’ through indirect lighting.

And finally, for the different spaces, a more personalised type of lighting has been defined according to the chosen space.

We would like to thank the Aedas team, especially Silvia G. Tortosa, Joaquín Puget and Jorge Salido, for their time and trust in this retail interior design. Also for the photos provided, all of them property of Aedas Homes.

Momocca in this project




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