Casa Decor is here!

Finally, the good news arrived: The expected reopening of Casa Decor is a reality. After its closing on March 12th, we all dreamed of seeing the more than 60 spaces that set up the exhibition again and now it is possible!

Below we comment on the information you should take into account when you visit Casa Decor.

© Casa Decor

New schedules of Casa Decor

  • Casa Decor will open its doors on Monday 8th June to Sunday 5th July.
  • The schedule is extended from 10:00 to 21:00 to receive more visitors
  • Capacity and staff indications must be respected

Measures to take into account

The exhibition can be visited according to the regulations with a reduced capacity of 30%, so every hour, there will be 60 people at Casa Decor. A measure that far from being detrimental, helps the visitor who will be able to see each space without crowds to be able to enjoy 100% of this sensory experience that is the visit to Casa Decor.

*The visit to the Exhibition will last a maximum of 2 hours.

Hygiene and cleaning measures

Casa Decor maintains a constant cleaning and disinfection operation in the exhibition and also places hydroalcoholic gels in all its plants. However, we recommend that you bring one for personal use. The mask is mandatory.

© Casa Decor
© Casa Decor

In our space

When you arrive at our space, do not hesitate to ask all those doubts you have about our furniture. We will be happy to help you and explain the secrets Julia and Emma keep in the sophisticated Lost in Translation suite.

The house was closed but alive. Its light continued to shine through a great deal of communication: posts about furniture, lighting, technology, descriptions of each and every one of the spaces and even a virtual tour that took us from our living room to Velázquez 21. Now you can see how these images and videos come to life.

If you want to avoid queues in this Casa Decor reopening, we recommend contact us and we will help you with tickets. See you at Casa Decor!

© Germán Cabo · Momocca

Photography: Germán Cabo ( Lost in Translation), Casa Decor (Velázquez 21,  Jose Lara and Luzco spaces)

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